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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Theme of the Day!
Today's theme of the day is Gilgamesh.

This is is gothic sci-fi as I said earlier.

After a terrorist attack transforms the sky into a psychedelic mirror, society struggles to rebuild itself, and two powerful forces wage a secret terrifying war.
Caught between these warring factions are two runaways. A brother and sister who hold the key to destroying the world- or saving it.
Dark, sexy, seductive, Gilgamesh is a tempting, Gothic thriller that will have you switching loyalties with each gripping episode. Follow the subtle clues and see if you can unravel the truth behind the mystery of Gilgamesh.

I did take the above from
but I had to type the whole thing out.

This show is actually really good though the first episode can be confusing to those who do not know who Gilgamesh was or for anyone who didn't know about Bablyon for that matter.

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