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Saturday, September 11, 2004

Characters of AzuManga Daioh
Chiyo Mihama
Quote- "Thank you, sensei!"

Although only ten years old, Chiyo is so smart that she was moved into high school. Although very advanced in school, she's still a 10-year-old at heart, however much she wants to be respected as a high school student. Her parents are wealthy and her family lives in a huge house; she has a giant white dog (a Great Pirenees -- from France) named Tadakichi-san.

Likes: Cooking, Tadakichi-san

Quote- "Was that a flower-naming competition?"

Very athletic and kind of a tomboy, Kagura joins the class during the second year, after being in Kurosawa-sensei's homeroom class. Kagura immediately takes a liking to Sakaki, thinking that she's dealing with someone with similar interest. In reality Sakaki isn't all that interested in sports and Kagura doesn't like cats...

Instead, Kagura ends up spending a lot of time arguing with Tomo; the pair of them gradually become the hooligans of the class. Very few people realize that deep down Kagura also has somthing of a gentle side.

Likes: Competition, Athletics

Quote- "Sakaki-san is so cool!"

A somewhat plain girl who idolizes Sakaki. Unfortunately Kimrua has a thing for her.

Likes: Sakaki
Club Membership: Astronomy Club


This somewhat scary male teacher was once asked by Tomo why he became a teacher, to which he replied, "'CUZ I LIKE SCHOOLGIRLS AND STUFF!" Since then it's become known that he's a very creepy man who's apparently got a bit of a rorikon thing going. His students were shocked to learn that he's married, but his wife doesn't seem to be terribly bright.

Likes: Schoolgirls and stuff.
Nickname: Kimurin (used only by himself)

Ms. Minamo Kurosawa is PE teacher and a friend of Yukari's since high school. Yukari knows a lot of dirt on her from high school, and likes to call her by her old nickname, "Nyamo." Kurosawa is sensible and responsible… though she actually doesn't know all that much about book learning, being a PE teacher. She owns a small car, though of course she's wound up driving Yukari around a lot, including commuting to work every day.

Dislikes: Carpooling with Yukari.

Quote-"Umm... What day is it today?"

Ayumu Kasuga came from Osaka, and no one lets her forget it. She isn't anything like the typical Osaka-jin, being reserved and a spacy, but everyone expects her to be a loudmouthed, takoyaki-eating, wisecracking weirdo, when in fact at first she'd rather speak in standard Japanese. Ayumu quickly resigns herself to the fact that everyone is expecting her to speak in Osaka-ben, so she lays it on really thick at times. If she has some special talent she hasn't displayed it yet; she tends to fall asleep or space out in class (often with surrealistic daydreams about Chiyo's pigtails) and is the only person in the class who is actually worse at PE than Chiyo.

Origin: Osaka

Quote- "Alright..."

A tall, athletic, cool-looking girl with a quiet demeanor, many other students idolize her, especially Kaorin. What very few realize is that Sakaki is actually a very gentle, soft person on the inside; she has a colossal soft spot for cats, even though being around them tends to be bad for her health (in that few of them can resist the temptation to bite her hand).

Likes: Cats, Stuffed Animals, Flowers

Quote- "What do you mean? There's no such thing as reindeer! Huh? Wait! I'm not an idiot! I'm NOT!"

Tomo is a bundle of energy, apparently lacking enough common sense to direct that energy towards anything that isn't stupid. She's remarkably selfish and insensitive, yet somehow remains friends with the other girls.

Likes: Annoying Yomi

Quote-"Shut UP already."

Probably the most sensible of the girls, not that that's saying much, tall, bespectacled Yomi (short for Koyomi Mizuhara) is the voice of reason, or more often the voice of sarcasm. She has been friends with Tomo since elementary school, so she knows the girl's antics well and doesn't hesitate to insult her.

Yomi seems to have some problems with self-esteem and had been trying to lose weight by dieting.

Quote- "A good friend of mine is getting married soon. So we'll be having a test today."

The class' homeroom teacher and English teacher, Yukari-sensei is one of the more unique teachers encountered in anime, being selfish, lazy, petty, and vengeful. She rarely fails to shock her students, whether with her bizarre attitude towards English, her tendency to subject them to tests whenever she feels annoyed about something, or all the times she's ditched class to attend Kurosawa's PE class.

Likes: Video Games, English (but only for college entrance exams)


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