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Monday, August 6, 2007

   secrets and lies

Its official!! I was sworn in to the military, so now im officially O.S. Tanner! OS standing for 'ordinary seaman' trust me, I hate telling people what the OS represents cause we have to go over the whole "hahaha...seaman, get it?" .They suck.

At the swearing in ceremony there was eight of us, which was different from my brothers swearing in where it was only him and one other guy. So that made me really nervous cause they all bring 3-5 family members each, and it makes for a larger audience to have to stand up in front of and pledge your allegience to the queen. But I got through it and didnt screw up once, where one guy screwed up saying his name lol. In 6 days ill be flying out of Winnipeg and off to Montreal where I start my basic training ^_^

Has anyone else read that latest chapter of bleach?! Man, the manga is soo much more interesting now than the anime lol (of coarse)! Those fillers are pretty bad, you might get lucky with the occasional good one, some are pretty funny though. I like the little clips at the end of the credits better than the show half the time.

hmm, other than that nothing else to update on. Ive decided the first thing im going to buy when i can, is a laptop. That way I wont have to ditch theotaku. I wont be able to use it for the first 4 weeks though, boo. Ill try to get to peoples sites today.


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