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Sunday, July 30, 2006

DUDE!!!! I'm in this huge drawing mood, so I started drawing some manga to go along with my Memoria fan art. Heh. He's a cutie, ne? Anyways, I'm posting here cuz I'm really bored...so...yeah...

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Wednesday, July 5, 2006

YAWN. Sorry for my inactivity. I don't really have an excuse, so meh. Anyways, I'm just waiting here, waiting for school to start...

Yeah...I'm getting back into Sailor Moon. I created two new characters for it, too.

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Thursday, June 22, 2006

gah...I found the module but I kinda wish I didn't. The class is SOOO boring. But that's English for you. It's not all that interactive.

We have to do "Reading Journals" in which we write a summary, the thesis, support, eviden, significance, and our comments. It's not that hard, but that means I actually have to read the stories. Not that I don't like reading or anything, only I can get bored of the same stuff after awhile.

We're gonna have 4 Essays total within the semester (which ends on July 27) and though I'm pretty impressed by my own writing, I REALLY don't like support or evidence. I like to make a simple point across. But now we have to have this high-tech, detailed, large essay that will definitely take up my time.

Ah, well. That's college.

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Monday, June 19, 2006

*YAWN* Tis tired. I begin my first day of the summer semester of college today. I'm in Modular Classroom 3...only I dunno where that is! And the map doesn't show it AT ALL! GAH! I'm taking a class with some person named Hansler...I hope s/he's nice...or at least a bit lenient...and I REALLY HOPE I don't have to do hours...

Anyways, I did a quick ((ok...it took me about 92 minutes...sorta...)) oekaki yesterday on my friend's board: SpadeNet:

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Sunday, June 11, 2006

My bird died...

So we got two new parakeets...but I don't like them like I did Edel. I can't hold them of pet them or feed them. They're too independant. Edel was just a baby..

It was on Thursday when I got home from school. Edel was perfectly all right that morning, but he was so sick looking, and his mouth wasn't pink anymore, but white. I took him in my arms and held him until my mm came home. She told me that Edel was going to die, so I cried. I held him for a few more hours before heading into my mother's room because we had to let our dogs in and I didn't want to risk anything. My mom began talking about how much fun he had been, etc., and then I started crying again...

I was lying in the pull-out sofa bed in the family room because his cage is by there. I was going to sleep with him that night to see if he could make it in the night. However, not even 10PM came before Edel began to shake and twitch like crazy. After he stopped, he lived for a few more seconds in my hands, but then he passed away. I started crying again, but I had cried so much before that I just couldn't cry as long as Edel deserved...

It's Sunday and we still haven't buried him, even though my mom told me on Friday after work we would, and then she said "on saturday" and now it's "on sunday". I have a feeling she might procrastinate every night until months pass and we through it out when we're cleaning out our freezer...

Man...it's so sad, too...I mean, he was so close to flying...

On a more positive note...

I drew some fanart for Xenosaga...chaos, enjoying the almost summer-rays.

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