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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 08/23/07:

Result Posted on 07/04/07:

Inuyasha Sleepover(ladies only) by animekitty513
you kissed...Miroku
because....you were drunk
miroku.....touched your butt
sango....slapped Miroku
shippo...got hit by Inuyasha
kagome....kissed Inuyasha
Inuyasha...got sat by kagome
Sesshomaru...asked you out
Who you fell forMiroku
what happened?Miroku killed jaken

Result Posted on 07/04/07:
ohhh yea im pride/vanity

Envy:Very Low

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Result Posted on 06/29/07:

Inuyasha Sleepover! (for all genders) by gothchik101
An ideal sleepover
It'll take place atAt a friend's house
Inuyasha willArgue with Sesshomaru
Kagome willJumps on top of you and try to do "it" with you
Miroku willAsk all of the girls to bear his children
Sango willMake prank phone calls with you
Shippo willCall you mama/papa/sister/brother
Naraku willKiss Kikyo
Kikyo willFight with Kagome
Sesshomaru willTell you that he loves you and take you into the bedroom

Result Posted on 06/29/07:

A day with you and Sesshomaru by Ravenwoodwitch
What do yu wish to be?
Eye color
Hair color?
You wake up early one morningYou stretch and yawen and your hand brushes a thorn.
The object that'son your personA beautiful gem, a clue to where your husband is.
You manage to find themSesshomaru acts like he dosen't see you, but when everybody isen't looking he pecks you on the cheak.
You help Rin get something to eat.She thanks you and gives you that cute smile. As she runs off you hear a voice behind you say," You do seem to like her." Then you feel strong pair of arms around your waist and warm breath by your ear.
It's Sesshomaru,obviously wanting your attiention He kisses you and tells you theres a nice hot spring near by. He looks you straight in the eyes and says he's sure you'll be there.(AKA: You will be there if you want to live)
He lets you go and dissapers.You smile to yourself and begin to look for the springs.
You find the springs and spot SesshomaruHe's got no clothes on and spots you stareing. He smiles and motiones for you to come over. You come over and he whips your top off faster then a rubber band. Takeing a hint you take the rest of your cloths off.
He picks you up and you both enter the hot water.He lays you with your head in the shallow end and gets on top of you.
He then takes over and you two start amkeing love.He's rough and fierce, you not bored for a second!
You finally finish and pass out for awile.You wake up next to rin right before they all leave.
For the rest of the day it's traveling.Killing a humen here and there, mostly looking for ways to kill Inuyasha.
Nightfall eventully comes.Your near a meadow and laying in the grass. You see Sesshomarus long wavy hair as your pulled close to his side.
He has something to say to you:" I don't show emotions often. But I'm happy I did to you."
You guys do your thing again and he pases out nextYou lay your head against the silver hair and fall asleep.

Result Posted on 06/29/07:
*screams* i love him *drool he is sooooo fine!! lol i love him he is soooo cute and sooo quite and strong *drool* my kind of man lol

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Who Is Your Inuyasha Mystery Date?
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Result Posted on 06/25/07:

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly! - A Survey of Your Life
* So Basically... *
Name?:Brianna myers
Sex?:like i would ever tell you
Birth Date?:December 31
Hair Color?:dirty blond
Eye Color?:brown
Weight?:uhhh i don't no
Body Type?:skinny
What are you wearing right now?:dark blue pants with a blood red shirt
Hair style at the moment?:down with my bangs covering my one eye
* Favorites *
Soda?:root beer
Food?:uhhhh.... blue crab i dont no
Alcoholic Drink?:i dont drink and never will
Time of day?:uhhhh around lunch time not because of the food lol
Day of the week?:friday
Song at the moment?:puppet by thousand foot krutch
Band/Artist?:papa roach
Book?:i dont like to read but i like the book whispers from the dead
Subject in school?:gym
Place in the USA?:north C.
Place outside the USA?:china
Color?:blood red
Style of clothes?:any that makes me look HOT!
Store?:hot topic
Mall?:any mall is ok with me
Magazine?:uhhhh ohhh a game maga
Kind of pet?:cat i dont no why
* Worst *
Place to be?:school uggg i hate it
Class in school?:reading
Time of dayr?:midnight
Kind of pet?:bird
Drink?:orange juice
Food?:uhhhh i dont no
Store?:book store lol
Style of clothes?:ohhh dresses
Celebrity?:god if i new lol
Book?:i hate almost all of them
Type of music?:jazz
Website?:runescape sucks
Magazine?:uhhhh i dont no
* Daily Life *
When do you get up?:when i want to
What is your first thought?:todd or jarred lol
What do you do first?:uhhhh well i look at the drawing i did the day bafore and then take a shower
What's your usual outfit?:pants and some sexy shirt
What's the first class of the day?:reading
When does school end?:3:30
Do you see your friends?:hellz yea
What do you do when you get home?:uhhh well i go play paint ball with my friends so im not home to much
What time do you go to bed?:i dont no when i feel like it most likely 4am bacause i'll be drawing
* Do you...*:do i what!?
Brush your teeth daily?:hellz yea
Brush your hair daily?:uhhh duhhhhhh i do
Shower daily?:well yea im always dirty with something couse i play outside paintball
Sing?:yea im in a band
Dance?:kinda when no one is looking lol
Party?:party well i am the party duhhh
Get drunk?:nope
Have sex?:like i said why would i tell you
Read books?:nope
Listening to music a lot?:yea!
Read magazines?:nope
Go online a lot?:yea when im home
Stay on AIM all day even with an away message?:nope
Have a religion?:kinda
Have an IPod?:yep
Want an IPod?:i have 3 iPods
Have a Girlfriend/Boyfriend?:yep
Play an instrument?:nope
Get sick a lot?:kinda
Watch TV?:yep
Like MTV?:yep
Like VH1?:yep
Like the History Channel?:well sometimes my mom makes me ugg
Have Digital Cable?:yep
Have more than 500 channels on your TV?:well duhhh
Listen to the radio?:sometimes
Still use your CD player?:i dont need CD's i have an IPod
Stalk people?:hellz no
Have more than 200 buddies on your Buddy List?:well duhhh lol everyone loves me ^^
Have dial-up internet?:the hell if i new lol
Have AOL?:sure why not lol
Know HTML?:omfg yea i need to no it
Have a GPA higher than 3.9?:yep
Get H's in honors classes?:i dont no
* Music *
Do you listen to Rap?:yep
R & B?:i dont no lol
Blues and/or Jazz?:hell no
Country?:some times
Heavy Metal?:sometimes when im close to my dad
Broadway Musical songs?:no
* In A Boyfriend/Girlfriend *
Hair color?:not RED!!
Eye color?:doesn't really matter
Piercings?:only 2
Favorite Music?:any that i lission to lol
Style of clothing?:punk in a way lol
Body Type?:great body lol
Personality or Looks?:both
Would you go out with someone just for their money?:no never even though i do like to get gifts lol jk
Do you go on "Pity Dates"?:some times cous i feel so bad for some of them cous they want to go out with me sooo badly
Does size matter?:yea
Do they have to be popular?:no not really but then again
Does the guy ask the girl or the other way around?:any way really i dont care if i like a guy alot ill ask them out lol
Where do you go on the first date?:movies
Kiss on the first date?:yea
Sex on the first date?:if they want to lol
* Right Now *
Do you think you look good right now?:hellz yea
Are you eating something?:no
Are you drinking something?:no
Are you IMing anyone?:no
Are you talking on the phone with someone?:no
Are you talking face to face with someone?:no
Is anyone at your house who doesn't live there?:no im alone for once lol
What song are you listening to?:numb by linkin park
What are you watching on TV?:nothing
What other websites do you have open?:my otaku and myspace im on my firend todd's
Why are you taking this survey?:i dont no
Where are you going to post it?:i might
What are you going to do after this?:uhhhhh i dont no
* What do you Believe? *
Do you believe in ghosts?:yep
The afterlife?:yep
Aliens?:kinda i mean i we may not be alone we cant be the only thing alive
God?:gods yea
The devil?:yea
Yourself?:yea lol
* Randoms *
Have you been on an airplane before?:yea
Where were you going?:crap i dont rember
Have you been to another country?:yep
Have you ever went to another country with your friends?:yep
Have you ever partied in another country?:sure why not lol
Have you ever went on a roadtrip with your friends?:yep
Ever stayed online more than 10 hours straight?:uhh duhhh yea i have
Pretended to like someone just to get popular?:nope well i think once
Talked about someone behind their back?:yep but not that much
Had someone talk about you behind your back?:yea
Been in a fight online?:yep
Been in a fight face to face?:yep
Gotten yourself involved in a fight that wasn't about you?:yep
Been called a bitch?:yep lol
Been called a slut/whore?:uhh yea by my friend todd like all the time lol
Been to Australia?:nope
Do you like snakes?:yep
Ever cried to get your own way?:uhhhh no i dont need to i always get what i want lol
Ever broken a bone?:nope
Ever had to stay in the hospital for more than a week?:nope
Ever had serious surgery?:nope
Ever looked a porn online?:nope
Ever went to one of those "adult" stores?:yep
Ever bought clothes at Walmart?:ugg yea
Ever gotten clothes from the Salvation Army?:nope
Ever paid more than 100 dollars for a pair of jeans?:yep
Ever been on stage for any reason?:yep
Ever been in a play?:nope
Ever been in a choir?:ugg i had to be in it my mom made me
Ever been in a band?:yea im the lead singer with my friend
Do you play, or used to play, an instrument?:nope
Gotten a Brazilian Bikini Wax?:nope
Waxed your eyebrows?:nope
Waxed your legs?:nope
Cut yourself shaving?:lol maybe yea i have on the leg my first time lol
Have you ever died?:nope if i died would i be taking this quiz
Was this survey an good at all?:it was ok i guess
What time is it right now?:like 2:45
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Result Posted on 06/23/07:

You scored as Hot, Haha! u are so hotttttttttt!









Emo Kid












What Highschool Clique Do You Belong To?
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Result Posted on 06/17/07:

Naruto Guys: Thoughts, and Love Life. (Girls only) by HeavenCondescending
Your Name
NarutoNormally blushes around you. You can fight, you can kick ass big time. He tries to make small talk with you alot, but you just continue walking and sometimes just leave him there. Most times he thinks you are purposely trying to make him feel bad...
SasukeHates how you are one of his fan girls. But you aren't like a normal fan girl though, he is often left in the dust with a teasing remark made by you. Or some mark to just make him think about you more and more, until the day he finally accepts his feelings towards you.
NejiHe tends to smirk at you alot, whether it was your remarks or your looks. He also watches you when you train, and thinks of you when he is laying on his bed at midnight.
Rock LeeAbsolutely loves how you believe in Gai-sensei, and how hard you train in Taijutsu. He believes you are an excelent Shinobi, and tends to train with you sometimes. He helps you gain more skills, and the same with you and him. He hangs around you alot and tends to blush now when you are training.
ShikamaruFound you sleeping on his favorite spot on the roof, and often joins you. You hang out with him alot since you both like to look at the clouds and day dream. The whole day once, you guys stayed together on the roof. He is actually beginning to think that you're the girl for him.
ChoujiLikes how you are very nice to him, and do not mind how much he weighs. He likes the compliments he gets from you, and often tends to think that you are the girl for him since you are so nice and can make some very good food!
ShinoSaw how you are interested in bugs, and tends to show you his collection. He is normally taken back by the fact of how many species of insects you already know. He hangs around you alot, and sometimes debates on how much he likes you. More than his bugs? Or Less than his bugs?
KibaBlushes when you tease him and get really close to him. You don't appear much around town, and that makes him search for you. He tends to find you at the waterfall alot more than usual, and hangs around you alot. He likes the fact that you are mature, and a very good Shinobi. He often thinks of you during missions, and tries his best to gain your attention.
GaaraWas surprised when you accepted his past, and did not call him a monster after you had seen the Shukaku. (A living proof!) And you often try to find him just to make some small talk, he doesn't talk to alot but you know he likes you and he knows it too. You both often give glances to each other, and he feels warm inside when he sees you blush.
KankuroHe often tells you his feelings, and isn't affraid of what you think. Two ways to make it better. If you accept him than he will be happy! HAPPY! But if you don't he will only try harder the next time, and the next time. And so on.
KabutoI guess the day when you had bluntly stated the whole 'I dislike you with the burning passion of the sun!' He never really liked you when you kicked his ass in front of Orochimaru. Yea, total emberrasement my friend.
KakashiDislikes how you keep stealing his books without him knowing, but also likes the fact that you are very stealthy. He tends to recommend you to missions from your awesome teamwork and your MaD SkIttleS!!
GaiHATES the fact that you prefur Kakashi more than him, and despritly tries to change the fact that Kakashi is obviously cooler in the long shot.
JiraiyaNormally lectures you that he is not peaking on women but is doing research, but you don't believe him and normally give him a hard time so he doesn't like you very much...

Result Posted on 06/14/07:

Who Is Your Element Goddess? (with pictures!)

WATER GODDESSName: BridgetDescribed As: Bridget, the Water Goddess, is very trustworthy. Everyone comes to her for advice, but she is also very fun. She knows how to have a good time, but she also knows when she needs to calm down and work. But when she is having a good time, she can get kind of loud, but she has a great attitude. She doesn't like to see anyone hurt or upset.Stone: SaffireLucky #: 2 Magical Power: Talk To Animals
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