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Friday, September 15, 2006

Yay my internet is finally back on and im gonna go back and check everyones sites.so sorry about the long time being gone.
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Friday, August 18, 2006

   Sad but true,,,
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!My internet is screwed to pulp.So im at my friends,he's letting me use his comp. then we're going to make him an Otaku. So when he gets it up ill give everyone his info so be sure to check him out!Im postponing the story.
Sry....But thank my friend.

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Monday, August 14, 2006

here it is
Hey you guys here's the second chapter.Sry its prob. boring to some.But i liked it so uh....give me some advice after reading please.

The Front Line
chapter 2
Town:a place of traders, theives, rapist, samurai. Any stereotype you could possibly think of, it was there. Koromaru's eyes shifted back and forth between stores.He hadn't been in town at night. His father forbid it. The crowd grew thicker every step he took, but with Tetsu there he could walk without worrying about being stabbed to death or being tookin away. Koromaru and Tetsu walked proudly down the street with grins. Finally they reached the end of of the street. Two giant men in kimono's led them into and alley way and into a door on the right. Inside there was no light until they reached a set of stairs. From there they climbed up to the top of the three story building which was starting to look like a temple. Then out of nowhere one of the men turned around with a sword. Silence;nobody spoke. Tetsu stood there still with his sword tilted to the left. Blood shot from the mans chest as he fell to the floor cut in half.
Koromaru stepped back in surprise. "wha..what..WHAT DID YOU DO THAT FOR!" Still an empty silence."He tried to kill me." Tetsu jabbed back. Swiftly slipping his sword back in its sheath he continued walking.Koromaru followed behind closely. When they reached the hallway they were greeted by an old man. All of this was going by to fast. "Ahhh......MoMo.Do have the sheath?"asked Tetsu in a happy voice. "Well of course." answered MoMo. He slipped from his sleave a long black sheath. "Koromaru hand me your fathers sword." appointed MoMo. Koromaru handed the sword to this strange man that seemed suspicious. He took the sword and slipped it into the sheath. When he pulled it out the sword was a new.No scratches, no stains, nothing. "How did you do that."questioned Koromaru ,jaw wide open. "Later Koromaru.Later!Their coming."stabbed Tetsu."Who's coming?"replied Koromaru. "Them, now's time to see what you got." Koromaru turned his head behind him and saw five large man charging them. Taking up his sword Koromaru positioned himself in a way that stunned Tetsu. The stance he was in was as precise as his fathers stance, he had seen him use the stance twice before. Before he could say anything Tetsu was barraged with two blades, while the other three went for Koromaru.Swiftly Tetsu turned his left to Koromaru slicing one of the men and then to his right gnashing the second mans throat. Koromaru blocked of as many attacks as possible, then ducked an attack and launched himself upward with his sword cutting through the gigantic man's stomach and out the man's back.After which Tetsu killed off one of the two attaking Koromaru.Leaving one left.Tetsu went up for the man's head, and Koromaru for his legs. They cut thim into three peices. The two were covered in blood. They bidded MoMo farewell and were on there way.Of course they cleaned themselves off and continued their journey to get Koromaru into the LV.

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well i guess ill finish the story
Ok so i guess ill finish the story!
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