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ellos peoples well i guess i should tell you about me self right?...right ok then my name's mimi i love to dance and for some reason i like to take pictures of random things mostly clouds and scenery but all things in general i love to watch old black n white movies and i guess that's about it so feel free to sign me guestbook and remember DON'T BE MEAN!!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

hey sorry i haven't been on much but there have been a lot of things going on like for one the school blocked the site from our laptops so i can't get on as much as i want to and we have midterms to study for which i'm probably gonna fail half of but oh well and other things have been going on like i'm thinkin' about breakin' up with my boyfriend i mean i love him and all but i don't toterate being ignored and his emoness is starting to get to me but i don't know so right now we're i guess you could on a timeout i thinks its for the best cause i need some time to think about what i'm gonna do about him and what i wanna do about us ya know well that's about it for now i hope i get to get on more often to talk to you guys

well gotta go talk to yas latta!!!

--kaname luver--

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

weird peoples.....funny situation
ok yesterday was sooooo funny but groos at the same time my friend matt g (not my boyfriend) was laying down and my other friend regina was sitting on him cause i didn't want to get up and go look at her magzine, and there was no room with like six poeple so she was sitting on and he was being a perveted ass and started bouncing her on top of him and she was freak out i mean who wouldn't be right well a little while later my other friend hershey was kinda laying on his leg and then the most discuting thing happened he got a freakin' boner while both of them were on him and by this time i'm laughing my ass off but i'm also feeling worried about regina cause she was like sitting like really close but me personally i think it was hershey that gave him the boner but whatever

then today matt g was acting all gay with hershey not in an actual way...i think but matt g satrts rubbing him in all sorts of weird places mostly his chest cause he's got man boobs and they start intertwinning their legs and all that jazz but it's was just really weird

soooo yeah that was my day for yas hope ya'lls day was at least as funny tehehe

--kaname luver--

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