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Sunday, July 31, 2005

I think the border maybe doing something to my site that it's freaking out. No convo today just seeing maybe if it was the bg that made it do that weird thing or the border. I'm gonna try it again tommrow and if it works then it was the background. if not then it was the background! XP
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Saturday, July 30, 2005

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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Me: *comes home from the store drops back and run up to room*

Kyo: *walks in the living room*

Yuki: Move stupid ca *sees the grocies dropped on the floor* What the?

Haru: Whats the back up?

Kyo: um... i wonder if Ay *hears head bangs against wall*

All: 0.0 oh no Ayla/Miss Kuroda!

Me: *in my room voilently banging my head on the wall* STUPID I'M STUPID!! *begens to bang harder*

*doors breakd down and there stand Kyo Yuki and Haru.*

Me: *doesnt notice them and keep bainging my head against the wall and yells* DAMMIT I'LL NEVER AMOUNT TO NOTHING NEVER!

Yuki: Ms. Kuroda... *reaches hand out*

Me: *turns to Yuki* Dammit leave me alone!!! i'm a worthless peice of shit!

Kyo: *behind Ayla* Dammit Ayla what the hell are you talking about!

Haru: Ayla please...

Hatori: Comes in to see Ayla pushing eveton off her crying* Ayla...

Me: *looks at Hatori* leave me alone! *runs out of the room*


Eh i'll tell you more tommrow ok... just not feeling to well....

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Monday, July 25, 2005

Me: *constantly turning in my bed* uhnn uh... *continues to turn around*

Haru: *slighly opens the door* Ayla??

me: nahh.... uh... *still asleep*

Haru: *walks in* Ayla...

Kyo: WTF are you doin in Ayla's room?

Haru: i need to wake her up... its already 12.

Kyo: Well we should let her rest she stayed up late last night.

Haru: *looks at ayla* but, i dont know... it seems... she is having a nightmare...

Kyo: and you would know this because?

Haru: -____- just look how she moves...

Kyo: *looks and sees ayla constantly tossing and turning*

Me: *sits up and creames* oh.... *pants*

Kyo and Haru: *rushes over to ayla's side*

Yuki: runs into the room and to ayla* What is wrong Ms. Kuroda?!

Me: *looks at Haru, Kyo and Yuki* i...

Hatori: *comes in* whats the matter in here?

Me: i just had a bad dream.. is all...

Hatori: *comes near me* You know Ayla it has to be more than that...

Me: it is... but i rather not metion...

Yuki: its ok Ms. kuroda

Haru: yes it is. *hugs*

Me: 0.0 Haru!

Haru: *poof* mooo

Kyo: -_______-

Yuki: -________________-;

Hatori: -_-X

me: why did you do that Haru!?

Haru: becuase... i want to comfort you...

Yuki: *think: he is right* *hugs ayla as well*

Me: Yuki! 0.0

Yuki: *poof*

Kyo: *hesitantly hugs ayla*

Me: Kyo!!!! 0.0

Kyo: -_- *poof*

Me: *looks at Hatori*

Hatori: *smiles and hugs ayal as well*

Me: Ha'ri! 0.0

Hatori: *poof* WATER!!

Me: *graps him and put him and a fish bowl*

Mei: *wlaks in* oh my... naguhty naughty!!

Me: Mei lin!!!!

Mei: *snickers* i'm just playing... *looks at everyone in animal form* what happend?

Me: T_T they all hugged me!

Mei: Willingly???

Me: yes... they shouldn't have...

Yuki: Hey Ms. Phelps! watch where you step!

Mei: oh i am sorry yuki! *backs off and steps on Kyo's tale*


Mei: whoops sorry! heheh

Kyo: no good...

Me: heheh what brings you here?

Mei: say hi... thats it... bye!

Me: er... bye?

Mei: *leaves*

Everone but me: *poof*

Me: ack!!! *runs outta the room*


Heheh well um dunno...

Me: *sleeping in her bed*

Hatori: *passes by Ayla's room and the door is cracked open looks in and peeeks on ayal* She looks so peacful...

Me: *eyes flutter open and sees Ha'ri* Oh... Ha'ri-kun...

Hatori: I'm sorry, did i wake you up?

Me: *dhakes head* oh no! i juwt woke up...

Hatori: oh ok

Me: *gets up and walks with hatori to the kitchen.* Good morning Haru-kun! Yuki-kun... *looks around* Where is Kyo-kun?

Yuki: good morning Ms. Kuroda

Haru: *smiles* good morning!

Hatori: ah yes Kyo, he is in bed with a cold.

Me: *gasp* oh, no!! i gotta go see him!

Hatori: don't worry kyo is just fine...

Me: are you sure?

Yuiky: *coughd and sneezes*

Me: not you too! *feels Yuki's forhead* you have a lght fever!

Hatori: Ayla...

Me: Come on Yuki to bed with you!*pushies Yuki to his room*

Yuki: No Ms. Kuroda i am fine.. really!

Me: You know what happens when you get sick yuki-kun... *plops him in the bed* now rest i'll make you some chicken noddle soup!

Yuki: *has no choice but to*

Me: *smiles and runs down the stairs*

Haru: dont get too worried now, you'll end up with a fever too!

Hatori: you know you've been looking a lot better since summer school was over.

Me: *smiles* oh yeah i feel a lot better too!

Haru: why what happend?

Me: i'll tell you after i'm done giving yuki and Kyo there soup.

Haru: *smiles*

Hatori: i'll be back... i'm going to get some stuff at the store.

Me: ok! be safe!

Hatori: I will *leaves*

Me: Haru, if yu want you can help me.

Haru: I be glad to help *takes the second tray*

Me: Thanks haru!

Haru: no prob...

Me: *smiles* *walks into yuki
s room* Heey Yuki!

Haru: Yuki...

Yuki: Sits up Ms. Kuroda Haru...

Me: *hands him his tray* here you go Yuki-kun! *smiles*

Yuki: thanks! *takes a bit* this is good!

Me: thank you!

Haru: here you go take this to Kyo i'll stay here to keep Yuki company!

Me: thank you Haru! *leaves*

Haru: she is really sweet...

Yuki: yes, yes she is...

Me: *walks in Kto's room*

Kyo: *sleeping*

Me: awww *sits next to him*

Kyo: *turnd around facing Ayla*

Me: Kyo...

Kyo: wakes up* hn

Me: i got some soup for you...

Kyo: its not leek right...

Me: *giggle* no its chicken noddle

Kyo: good!

Me: no eat it up! *smiles and leaves*


heheh bored i love my avi i shall never part with you!!

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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Me: I"M BACK!! yay yay!!

Kyo: your happy...

Me: YUP! and hatori is staying with us! yay yay!

Hatori: did... you by any chance... have...

Me: SUGAR YES!! weee

Yuki: uh-oh...

*door bell*

Me: yay!!!! our visitor! *answers* HARU!!!!! *hugs*

Haru: 0.0 *poof*

Kyo: -_-

Yuki: -________-

Hatori: -____-''''

Me: yay haru haru!!!

Haru: *ox form* i'm... glad to see you too...

Me: HARU!!! *bounces off walls*

Yuki: Ms. Kuroda calm down...


Hatori: i know one.. thing... but i dont know if anyone is willing to do it...

Haru: ... *poof*

Me: *stops and run away screaming from shock*

Haru: ... maybe... that worked...

Kyo: dammit haru put some clothes on!

Haru: fine *walks to the room and puts his clothes back on*

Me: backie!!!!!


Short update yes but i am back! yay! i missed you guys... though it wasnt too long.. but it felt like forever! *hugs everyone* mm thank you! ^.^ i cant part with my avi..... T_T

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Friday, July 22, 2005

   Sorry my fellow Otaku's an apportant annoucment
I'm sorry my fellow otakus this is a quick post i will no be here for the weekned! i repeat i will not be here for the weekend. I'm going to Denver for the weekend ti babysit and go toa wedding... i repeat eveyone have a nice weekend i'll proably post on sinday or monday please and thank you

Yuki Kyo Hatori and Kamiya~

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Thursday, July 21, 2005


Me: *runs through the living room*

Yuki Kyo: *watching t.v*

Me: *runs throguh again with stiff in hand*

Yuki & Kyo: ....

Me: *comes back through again*

Kyo: Er..

Yuki: Um...

Me: *comes through again with more stuff in hand*

Kyo: Ay *has already left*

Yuki: _ _

Me: *comes back through again empty handed* *then comes back again with more stuff*

Ha'ri: *eyes closed and comes in* i'm...

Me: *bumps into him and i fall and evything i had scatter everywhere.* nooo *hurry and gahjters everything*

Yuki: what are you doing Ms. kuroda!?

Kyo: what WTF are you doin!

Ha'ri: are you ok?

Me: yeah... gotta hurry *has everyhting in hands and rushes up the stairs* *then comes back down*

Ha'ri: *puts hand in my way*

Me: must...

Ha'ri: i'm gonna regret this but its the only way *Hugs Ayla* *poof*

Me: oh no!! *picks him up and put him in a fish bowl*

Ha'ri: osrry but its the only way i will be able to ask... what the hell are you doin!?

Me: oh i ish gathering stuff! my mom b-day is on the 23rd!

Kyo: no wonder why you've been running around like an idiot...

Yuki: Kyo shut up! *pucnhes him across the face*

Me: Kyo-kun! *rushes over to him*

Yuki: ...

Me: you two please calm down!

Kyo: damn that freakin cat!!

Me: kyo-kun!

Yuki: ...

Ha'ri: *poof*

Me: EEk!!

Ha'ri: *graps his clothes and put them on* eh sorry...

Me: its ok...

Kyo: dammit Yuki! *get up and tries to kick him*

Yuki: *dodges* stupid cat..

Me: calm down! *hugs both Yuki and kyo*

Yuki & Kyo: ....

Me: i'm sorry but it had to be done...

Yuki: its ok

Kyo: nnn

Ha'ri: so what are you doing with all that stuff? *points to things on the ground*

Me: oh i'm gonna make something for my mom and a surprise party!

Ha'ri: i see thats sweet of you!

Me: i know!

Yuki & Kyo: .... *poof*

Me: ack! *runs up stairs with stuff*


hehe almost moms b-day and last day of summer school!!

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Wednesday, July 20, 2005



Me: *in the car with Hatori* thanks for helping me out with my siters wedding by purchasing this for me.

Ha'ri: *smiles* Your welcome Ayla.

Me: *thinks: i love it when ha'ri smiles*


Me: Yuki Kyo we are home!

Yuki: *comes from the kitchen* oh Ms. Kuroda, did you get the dress?

Me: uh-huh! *nods head*

Kyo: *from the leaving room* how was your exams??

Me: Er... dunno... though i know i didn't want to do it!

Kyo: -___-'

Yuki: hmm well i hope your doing your best!

Me: yeah tomorrow i'm gonna finish it.

Ha'ri: how many more days of school do you have left?

Me: oh just tomorrow and then ther other day so i really cant wai. I'm so happy! *hugs Ha'ri*

Ha'ri: *poof* WATER!!

Me: OOPs!! SORRY HA'RI! *picks him up quickly amd throws him in the bath tub full of water* gosh i'm so so sorry!!

Ha'ri: -_-;

Kyo: *comes in when Ayla turn around*

Me: *hugs Kyo* ACK!!!

Kyo: -_- *poof*

Me: *catches Kyo* sorry!! *bows*

Yuki: whats happending up there? *comes in*

Me: *trips* ack!! Yuki-kun watch out! *lands on him.

Yuki: 0.0 *poof*

Me: oh gosh i'm sorry.... T_T

Ha'ri Yuki and Kyo: *poof*

Me: AHH! *runs out*


Nothing else to post remeber i can make you a button ok bye! ^^

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Tuesday, July 19, 2005



Me: *phone rings* uh.... what the.... *picks of phone*

...: Ayla?

Me: nessa?

Vanessa: Hey ayla danny prposed to me! ^^ and me and Ashly are gonna go get some dresses... and i want you and all your lil female frined to be my brides maid.

Me: =^-^= i'd be glad to!! *hangs up and rushes down to everyone* hey everybody my sis gettin married and she wants me to invite friends!

Kyo: hn

Yuki: congratulations Ms. Kuroda

Hatori: yes congrats.

Me: wanna come bridal dress shoping with me! besides i need a ride there anyway *gives Hatori pupply dog eyes* please...

Hatori: *sighs* fine

Me: *turns to kyo and Yuki with the big puppy dog eyes* will you 2 come too???

Kyo: er...

Yuki: um...

Me: *big puppy dog eyes* oh pwease!!!

Yuki: ok then...

Kyo: fine whatever...

Me: yay! lets go!

In the car~

Hatori: so which bridal shop is it?

Me: David's Bridal shop...

Hatori: ok thats good.

Bridal shop~

Me: Nessa!

Vanessa: Ayla!

Both *Hug each other*

Ashly: Hey ayla!

Me: hi Ashly! *hugs her too*

all of us: *walks in*

Vanessa: ok your in charge of pictures *hand camrea.*

Me: okei1

*after pctures*

Vanessa: ok time to choose your outfit!

Me: ok!

dressing room~

Vanessa: ok first this pink one!

Me: *thinks: eww pink... but for her...*

Vanessa: My god Ayla.... your to big up top!

Me: i'm inly a er....

Vanessa: a 48 C yes i know but still to big well i'll go get you another one.

Me: ok...

*comes in later*

Vanessa: this red one.

Me: ok *put it on*

Vanessa: Ayla... you look gorgouse! come on we must show everyone!

Me: ok *comes out*

Kyo & Yuki: *haws drop to floor*

Hatori: 0.0 whoa...

Me: *blush and looks into the mirror* Omfg...

Kyo: *too speachless*

Yuki: Ms. Kuroda........ *now struck speechless*

Hatori: *also struck speechless*

Me: oh but they dont oder this skirt anymorw! T_T

Hatori: i'll pur it on hold for you and we'll pick it up tommrow

Me: *full of excitment* oh Hatori thank you!!!

Vanessa: hey thanks Hatori, you well... kinda saved the day.

Yuki & Kyo: *thinks: now we HAVE to keep an eye on her..... keep her away from those freaks...*


Ok yeah my sis getting married oh and here is a link to My Furuba story quiz numbner 13 please oh please take it! oh and up top i got buttons to peoples site and if i dont have your already i shall make you one! ^^ ok bye! Quiz Link:

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Monday, July 18, 2005


Me: finally!! i can get trough! *runns outta the builind towards the ride* oh no... i think its gonna rain soon... must get... on all... rides... *runs*

Kyo: dammit Ayla!

Yuki: Ms. Kuroda come back!

Mei: dont worry about it Yuki... *runs after ayla* Hey wait up!!!

Shigure: well i'm going to the water area.

Hatori: My god shigure show some shame....

Shigure* runs off*

Kyo & Yuki: i'm following Ayla/ Ms. Kuroda

Kyo & Yuki: *glare at each toher and walk of angry*

Me: oh oh!! disater canyon!! come on come on! Mei lin!!

Mei: i'm commin i'm commin! *comes up to her*

Me: yeehaw!!! *gets on the raft* this is soo cool!

Mei: um Ayla... exactly how wet are we gonna get...

Me: ^0^ silly look at the sign! *points at sign that says "Say good bye to dry"* heeee

Mei: *gupls hard* oh.... crap

Kyo & Yuki: *makes it in time* Eh???

Me: Come on you two! *pulls them in* buckel up tis a gonna be a bumpy ride!

Kyo: 0.0

Yuki: er...

Both: *buckles up*

*the ride starts*

*after ride*

Me: *drenched and smilling big* =D that was soo much fun1

Mei: 0.0 fun yes.... but i am soooo cold!!! *cries*

Kyo: -__-

Yuki: *just stands there*

Me: ok water park time!! *point to the water park area*

Mei: okei!

Yuki & Kyo:*follows*

*Water area and evryone is clreaing out*

Me: wha... why!!!

Mei: 0.0

Yuki: i guess this means we gotta go

Kyo: -_______-

Hatori and Shigure: come on we have to go now.

Me: NOOO!!

Mei: dammit

*on the road again*

Me: *sighs*


Well not much else to say... tired night!

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