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Free Cursors Konnichiwa, I'm Kakashi lover79, or Sakura Hatake. I am a huge otaku. My life is anything anime, manga, or japanese. I play guitar and write my own songs and music. currently I'm really into my Chemical Romance and Naruto 92% of all teenagers have moved to rap
if ur part of the 8% who stuck with rock put this in ur profile,RAP IS CRAP!!!!!!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

blackparadegrl again
Hey it's blackparadegrl again. I decided to visit Sakura's site again. I got to thinking about her a lot last night. What I really don't understand is that how can someone be so cruel as to make fun of the dead? There is someone like that. If anyone wants to give her a peice of your mind go ahead, she's AnimeSlut. She said a lto of shit about Sakura that was extrememly rude. And she was best friends with the girl that ended up killing her. She kept saying that she desearved to die and talked about her like garbage. She won't get away with it. I cannot tolerate it especially scince Sakura was my best friend. Noone should speak ill of the dead or any departed soul. Ever. It's just messed up. Thought I should bring that to everyone's attention. Hopefully someone sees this

So Long And Goodnight

~Tragedy Revenge~

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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Hey, it's blackparadegrl
Hey, everyone. I decided to visit Sakura's site today. I know I haven't in a while, but I've been thinking about a lot of things lately and I've been missing her a lot lately so I decided to visit her site again. Sakura's Birthday is comming up... April 30. I really miss her even more around this time. I can't beleive it's been so long scince she left us. It's still hard for me to this day to beleive that she's gone and that I will never see her again. I will try to visit the site more often and I will never let her memory fade. I know that she id happy in heaven right now and she's finally at peace. I hope you are all well and I'll talk to you all sometime.

So Long And Goodnight

~Tradgedy Revenge (blackparadegrl) ~

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

some of sakura's favorite songs

You're a STUPID POSER MCR FAN IF.... (hehe)

you can only sing helena by heart.

you think 3 cheers for sweet revenge is their debut album.

you think "gerald" is hot.

you turned emo overnight.

you hate jamia.(She rocks!)

you cry because G.A.W. has a girlfriend.(G.A.W-haha,I prefer to use Gee)

you dont understand the line above.

you say MCR is goth metal.

you dont know about the breakfast monkey.

you dont know who matt p. is.

you wonder if gerard and mikey are relatives.

they are incase you were wondering.

you cried because the didn't win a moon man.(Hey-I'm not a stupid poser fan but I couldn't resist-they just looked so sad...)

you disagree with this bulletin.

didn't know there's a song titled "Cemetery Drive" in 3 cheers for sweet revenge (WHO COULDN'T KNOW THAT?)

if you don't like Ray's fro (DOOOOOOM, haha)

if you would want to rape Gerard, Mikey, or Frankie (sure, leave Ray & Bob out, bastards, as impossible as it seems, it does take all 5 of them to make the music!)

if you didn't know that Helena was a song for Gerard and Mikey's grandma...

Re post this if you are a TRUE mcr fan

sakura was a true mcr fan!!!!! i gad to post this!

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

very sad news. as u all may know, something happened to kakashilover79. i'm her best friend blackparadegrl. I won't delete this site, however, i will keep it as a reminder to her. i'll even rotate themes to things she liked. this is a tribute site to sakura. If anyone is really upset about this, so am i, sfter all, we've been best friends for years. she was like my sister.
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Friday, January 12, 2007

i bet you are all wondering why kakashilover79 hasn't updated in a while, if you want to know, p.m. kakashilover79.
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