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Jello!!! as you can tell... I'm Kakashi s...yeah Kakashi is beast!!
oh and I'm part Irish, demon....I mean greek, vampire...I MEAN!! oh who gives a damn! and be aware that I will attack any preps who come within my site!!! BEWARE!!! lol

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

how is everyone? I'm ok same old same old!
well we have spirit week next week where our grade is assigned certian themes to dress up as certian days so the days are movie day, video game day, the year 3000, charger spirit day, and at the dance on friday my grade gets to dress up as super heros!
so on movie day me and one of my friends are going to be Howl and Sophie she's going to be sophie and I"m going to be Howl and we're going to Goodwill to get our costumes!
on video game day hopefully my mom and i willbe dome with my organization 13 cloak so me and amy will be organization 13 members
the year 3000 me and my friends are just going to wrap ourselves in a lot of duct tape and tin foil!!! lol
Charger spirit day is you have to wear our school's colors etc etc
for the dance I'm going to wear a shower cap some swim shorts a t-shirt and a towel as a cape and be shower girl lol
its going to be really fun!
The play's been going really great we've been working on the munchkin scene and I'm in it (no I'm not short!) I'm just there to guide the wee children! especially Tate my bff! he's so awesome
so is Tom Tom lol
what are you guys doing this weekend?
Laters! I gotta go do my hw
Kakashi s

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Monday, January 21, 2008

sorry I haven't been on in so long guys! well I watched Howl's Moving Castle last night with one of my friends and i fell in love with the movie again then i found out that Howl's voice is done by my favorite actor, Christian Bale, in the movie and I got all excited.
Basically yesterday me and my friend had a dork fest which basically consists of guitar hero, a wii cooking game, ramune, pockey, hello panda, japanese green tea, QuakerSteak, Howl's Moving castle, LOTS AND LOTS of manga, etc etc
it was awesome
I may not be able to get on as much as i want because of play rehersal for Wizard of OZ!
*skips away down the yellow brick road with Howl and Axel* lol
Kakashi s

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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Wii Bowling!

sorry i dont talk...and you can't see my face XD
so i went out with my friends today but i first went to a science olympiad and me and claire tried to figure out how to build a balista so we worked on that. then my mom drove my to my friend amelia's house and we waited for everyone to come. we split into two diffrernt cars, asher (he's a guy if your wondering) sarah and I with my mom driving and in the other car nelson amy and amelia with her mom driving. we picked up evan and then we went to an ice skating rink! it was so much fun and lucky me i fell and got this huge hole in the back thigh of my pants but i kept skating for like another hour.then the cars switched colin (met us at the skating rink) asher evan sarah and I were in my mom's car and then the rest in amelia's. we went to the mall then and ate and went to a candy store and then we went to a bowling rink which turned out to be full. so we went back to amelia's house and played tackle football which was kinda awkward seeing as there was 4 guys and 4 girls but we played anyway then we did this weird thing with a broken trampoline and we messed around in amelia's back yard. then we took asher and evan to evan's house and sadly evan didn't know where he lives (he's lived there for like 4 years) and so we had to call his parents XD
I'm not going to bore you with any more details!!! lol if you want more just pm me i guess
sorry my post is so long!
how are you guys?
Kakashi s

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