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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

i have not posted for awhile i guess there is not going to be anymore partys for awhile a Dickonson Cop pulled over my friend the other day and he happened to have Cocaine on him i really don't know why he would be stupid enough to do cocaine let alone drive with it in his car so he was interigated and he told them he was at a party here at my house (WHAT A BITCH!!!) and so they think i am a Drug Lord or somthing and have several Police watching my Fucking House
and it is pissing me off because dammit i can't have friends come and go freely because the last time i had a friend over after this happened he got pulled over just after leaving my house and they found drugs on him so they got a warrant and searched my house they didn't find anything because i did not have anything but still would that not piss you off to be labeled as a drug lord and not even sell those fucked up drugs? i dunno it pissed me off and so they found out where i was working and are making my job Piss Test me i am not worryed but DAMN!!!! THIS IS SOME BULLSHIT!!!

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