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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Random Mystery Song of the Day:

Keep holding on when my brain's tickin' like a bomb,
Guess the black gods have come again to get me.
Sweet little words, unlike nothing I have heard,
Sing along mocking bird, you don't affect me.


That was my mystery song for this week. if you guess it, you get an e-card! woot! lol. sorry if it's not a very good prize, but i'm really busy and don't have alot of time for big things.


I'm really sorry i didn't update earlier, but everytime i was near the comp it was in the evening, and no one ever comes to see me when i post at night. so yeah...but i'll tell you what i was busy with! =D

I went to the first Madison County High School football game, and it was fucking awesome. *nods* we won by like 10 to 7. but i didn't watch alot of the game, i was hangin out with my friends and shit...and i almost got in a fight, but i don't wanna talk about that, because it concerns my friend, and i don't want to discredit her. or something ._.;;

and then we had a JV tournament yesterday. if you don't know what JV is, it's Junior Varsity. we got second place in the whole shibang, and the only reason Habersham won against us is because they had a fuckin college level pitcher. she was good. she was fast, pitched strikes, and had a kick ass change up. *shakes head sadly* we came so close.


I also drew some more pictures! ^^ It's a fruits basket picture this time, so if you wanna go see it, click this link to go see it. it's really cool, i hope yall comment on it.


Well i'll see when i can post again, and i wish yall good luck with the song ^^

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