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Sunday, August 13, 2006

i changed my theme yall! as if you couldn't tell :P lol well i decided that it was time to change it. and the reason i decided on a six flags theme was because i found the song on a site, and because i was supposed to go to six flags for my birthday, but i can't afford to go because i don't have enough money, so i just brought the park to the site! woot.

moving on, i posted some e-cards up over the weekend. a couple of fruits basket e-cards, i think they were. one of them got featured on the site! wooot! ^^ if you saw the momiji one that said "OMG! TGIF!!" then that was mine ^^ go me. and then i submitted some lyric wallpapers as well. one with the song Pushing Me Away by Linkin Park, and one with the song Move Along by the All-American Rejects! woo. Dante from DMC 3 was on the LP one, and Momiji was on AAR. i hope you check those out.

Well yesterday, we had softball pictures and a scrimage game, and some other random things of that sort. and today my dog got cleaned! woot. now she actually looks like a dog, instead of a pile of matted hair. she sleeps outside and stuff so that's why she looks like that. XP so we had to clean her today. put she's pretty again.

does anyone watch Comedy Central? if you do, do you watch that show Comedy Central Presents? i saw it today, and thought it was hilarious. ^_^ and if you don't like that show...well...you don't need to watch Comedy Central.

well...i best be off. please comment, i know i'm not on as much, but i'm trying to be. it's real hard though. see yall later!

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