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Tuesday, August 1, 2006

sorry i didn't update earlier yall. my ma went all PMSing bitch on me. XP

Softball tryouts today. WOOT. i have to drink something all day, so i don't get dehydrated when i go to tryout. yah yah. hopefully today i won't screw up or wig out or whatever it is.

i got loads of new requests for clubs yesterday! woot. ^^ i finally have members for the Rap Fan club. yay!^/////^ i got two new members for the KFC as well (thanx to EE2, Pipsqueak, and everyone else who requested to join a club). And i started an Otaku Archers club, so if you're an Archer or if you want to be an Archer you can join that particular club. ^^

i don't know what i'm gonna do for the o today...i guess i'll find a wallpaper to make. and an e-card or two...dunno. anyway...i guess i'll go now. thanx to all who commented yesterday! ^^

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