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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

   hola peoples!
well this mornin' i went to go pick black eye peas...mmm...i love them peas. when there cooked of course o.o;;; lol...anyway i found out that if you get your thumb caught in the sheller you get your thumb split open...ouch.

and i got some new cats. there's 4 of em, but i didn't get to meet the fourth one. we named em kyo, rika, and tomoya. ^^

i have to go clean meh room now -_-;;; but one thing i need yall's help with, i need to know a place where i can see all the fruits basket episodes in english. i looked on youtube and they only had the dubbed versions for 2/3 of epi 1. so if you know of a site, send it to me. ^^ and check out my fan art yall. comment and rate junk. (i added a new one by the way).

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