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Friday, July 14, 2006

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!! dude i had an awesome time on JEKYLL ISLAND!!!!! although....i do have over 3 layers of sunscreen on meh right now T_T. oh well. i'll live.

so right now, i'm sitting here, eating meh a conie dawg and some tater tots, and guess what? I GOT MEH COMP FIXED!!! WOOOOOOOT! lol. actually i didn't fix it, my daddy did. he took it to the geek squad and they said it would cost $200 to fix and i was like HELL NO when he told me....yeah. so he fixed it himself, and i'm installing yahoo messenger and shit...

so about camp....first on the way there, we had to sit on a hot bus for 6 and half hours and all we could do was sit and talk or sleep or listen to music. but it was fun. :P the day we got there Christina, one of the counselors, showed around and everything. i learned not to get a bottom room when having apartment style cabins...especially when guys are on the level above you. XP. you end up getting in trouble for putting holes in the cieling.

so we went to okeefonokee swamp (okeefonokee means "land of the trembling earth), summer waves (awesome water park!! i rode the biggest water slide they had there...), and we went shopping on saint simons island. i gots me a keychain, a rebel flag hat, a shirt, and a little baggie from the canteen. yeah bitches :P

ok i have to go put some alcohol on my chigger bites so i'll tell yall the rest tomorrow. please comment! i'll leave this up for two days! so everyone can get to it!! squirrel

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