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Friday, June 30, 2006

   hey yall
okeydokey yall. sorry i was late posting. i had to write a paper for meh book assignment. and i finally got it done! woot! lol...and then before that i was watching Howl's Moving Castle for the 437th time. yup yup. howl gets hotter and hotter everytime. ^^ and you start to notice little things about the animation as well. i also have to watch the special features a few times as well. yeah...well...i don't really have anything else to say today. OH WAIT. guess what...



................give up? well i'll tell you then. my parents finally found out about nate. yeah. but they weren't mad like i thought they would be. i half expected my ma to call the cops on him and for my daddy to go tearing down there with a shotgun but he didn't. ^^ plus they didn't give a definite yes or no to going out with him, so i'm going to assume it's a yes. yep. well if yall wanna know the details PM me or IM me, which ever is easier for you. yup yup. see yall later.

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