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Thursday, June 8, 2006

   "and out of the ashes, there rose the phoenix, out of the sorrow and misery that it had died into..."
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ok you know how yesterday i was really sad cuz my comp crashed? well this time i remember to put my story on the internet. so i saved it :D yay...lol. the reason i'm updating early is because today is a thursday and that means that today is STORY DAY!!! last time i somehow got out of putting my story up but not today. nope. there was no reason i couldn't do it today. now i really hope to get alot of reviews on this, so i want you to comment and then go to my fanfiction site for the story and review it. PLEASE!!! i need to know what yall think. ok ok now here's what's goin on in the story. this is the first chapter, so your going to be visiting tyson's house first. ^___^ i know you wanted kai first, but that's on down the line. yeah. well let's go ahead and put up the first chapter. REMEMBER TO COMMENT!!!!

Disclaimer: Hey, I don't own Beyblade (although I do wish I did) and I wouldn't purposefully try to steal it, so if there isn't a disclaimer, please contact me.

Chapter 1: "The 3 Dragons"

"Nyra, would you hurry up, please!" That was her older brother, Twilight . They were on their way to see their friends, the other children of the Bladebreakers. At this point, Nyra was taking the phrase "I Hate My Hair!" to a whole new level.

"Twilight, you know I can't see Dakota looking like this!" she yelled down the hall. "I'll be so embarrassed!"

"You can do your hair at the airport, now let's go!" her dad was saying.

Nyra looked put out. "Humph."

So Nyra and Twilight put their bags by the door, where their parents' bags were. As they were doing so, their mother, Hilary, was going down a long checklist and holding Soren's hand.

"Okay, so you got everything, Tyson?"

"Yes, Hil," was the exasperated reply.

"The clothes?"



"The secret items?"

"Ya..uh..no. Hold on." He turned around, went upstairs and into their bedroom. He picked up a wooden box that rattled when he held it, and put it in the inside pocket of his jacket. He came back down, much to the inquisical looks of his 3 children . "All right, now we can go."

Now this is the part where they take the very long drive to the airport, and this is usually the part where ordinary writers tell about what the characters so far look like and where they are going, and everything like that. Well, I'm not an ordinary writer, and I'm gonna do that, and tell you what Tyson and all the other Bladebreakers had done and are doing up to this point. So here goes.

All right to get started with the looks and age, Tyson was about 35 in this story. Yeah, kind of old, right? Well, if you do the math right, he should be about that old (the year is 2025, by the way). He was extremely muscular for Tyson standards. Remember that little stubborn kid that would eat the world out of house-and-home and not get fat? Well, he was still the same old stubborn T-Time, and he certainly wasn't fat.

His hair had gotten a little bit longer, but he didn't have the hat anymore. No, Robert's guillotines didn't cut it in half. He had given it to Twilight, saying that his brother, Hiro, who was their uncle, had given him that hat when he was 5, so he thought he should pass it on. Anyway, Tyson had grown up to be a teacher of kendo, which his grandfather had taught him before died of old age (I know it's sad, but he didn't suffer, and that is a good thing :) and so now he was passing his knowledge on to Twilight, Nyra, and Soren. Hilary was a stay-at-home mom, a job at which she did very well.

Well, moving on to the kids, Twilight was about 15, (he was born Oct. 8, 2009, FYI.) That would make him about a month and 4 days younger than Dakota and Kaia, who were Kai's kids. They were in Texas. Twilight looked and acted a lot like his dad when he was his age. He had a mullet of course, he had brown eyes, he was stubborn, but thankfully was not nearly as hungry. The only difference other than hunger was that instead of wearing red and yellow, he wore blue and orange for some reason.

He had a blade, but not the one he would hope to have someday, the Dragoon, for his dad was a 3-time champion at the World Championships when he was younger, and to actually own that blade was to be a world champion. "When you're older," his dad had said. He had been saying that for 5 years, ever since Twilight had seen the white beyblade, with the blue dragon in the middle. He hoped it would have been sooner that his dad would pass it down, but no luck. Until then, he had to deal with the one he had.

Now to Nyra. She was Tyson and Hilary's second child. She was 14, (DOB: July 23, 2011), and the only thing that made her even have a resemblance to Tyson was that she had brown eyes, and that was it. She was basically all Hilary. Her favorite things to do were talk, dress up nice, blade, and cheer on any team that she was on. As almost everyone knew (except Dakota), she had a crush on Kai's son. He was practically all she ever talked about when she called Jenna, who was Ray's daughter.

Jenna was her best friend, and she also lived in China.
All right, I think that's it. Oh wait, we didn't describe Soren. Sorry about that. So about Soren. He had brown hair and brown eyes. He was 8 years old (April 13, 2017), and was Tyson's youngest son and child. He had already had muscles on his arms and legs from working with his kendo sword. He may have been the youngest, but he was no cry baby. Like Tyson, he could take a lot of damage, and still keep coming back for more. He had no blade, but wanted one really bad. His favorite person to be around was his uncle, Hiro, who had once been a Beyblade coach for his father and was teaching him everything he knew about the sport. Right now, Hiro was off on a dig some where. He was an archaeologist, like Soren's grandfather and hadn't been around very much lately. He hoped he would come back soon.

Well on to Kai's-oh wait, we're at the airport now. Sorry. I'll tell you later in the story.

So they get to the airport. They were taking an annual trip to Orlando, Florida, where they met up with the other Bladebreakers and their families. Just as Tyson promised, Nyra got to do her hair at the airport. When she came out, she had tied into a ponytail, a feat that Twilight thought could be done at home.

"Well, I didn't have the proper equipment or time to do it nice, so I just did it in a ponytail," she replied when he asked.

"Okay," Twilight said.

"Flight 4-17 to Orlando," they heard over the PA. "And would the person who lost a hearing aid please come to the northwest ticket counter."

"All right, that's our plane," Tyson was saying. "Let's go to Orlando!"

"Awesome!" All three of them shouted at once. You know, like the three little pigs did in "Home On The Range.

And off they went to Florida.


i really do hope you liked it. that's only the first chapter, but if you didn't like it, don't worry, it gets WAY better on through the chapters. its just that annoying thing that authors do when the first chapters are like zz...zzz... and then the story gets like O__O!!! lol...but anyway that's how my story gets. um...i guess that's it. Chapter 2 will be up next thursday. and now i shall leave you. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE COMMENT!!! i really want to know what yall think. yall's opinion's matter to me. alot...mhm. ok NOW i shall leave you ^^.

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