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What's up?!How're ya'll doing?
This is going to be an awesome
profile!If you wish to scan through it,go right a head...
if you wish to skip it...burn!
Burn in the pits of...

Max:Woah!Stop yourself,Spaid!
Rei:Yeah!Listen to Max!
Kai:Just say what you want...
Tala:I agree.Say what you will
Tyson:Just no dresses for me!
Brooklyn:Be free animals!FREE!
Sesshomaru:I don't care..
InuYasha:I'll say it for you!!^^
Sango:ShutUp Inu...
Miroku.....*doesn't say anything so he doesn't get killed*

Thank you Kai,Tala,InuYahsa,&Sesshomaru!!Anyway...