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Saturday, October 13, 2007


Ok tomorrow i promise a tory will be up and i just ahve been very very busy lately!!!!!!! God so much stuff to do. help my annoying lil brother wo is gonna make me kill him lol.

Then i got beat up by my sisters friends which wasnt very fun since they pulled my hair until i almost cried. It still hurts. They will pay and i ahve been missing al of you so much!!!!

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Tuesday, October 9, 2007


sorry no story today i ahve been really busy but i promise it will be up tomorrow i been oing alot lately. i will get to all of your site later on hugs you all tight!!!!!!!!!

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Friday, October 5, 2007

Chapter 12:Anger and Turmoil for the first Time.

Jyote looked at Kanai with a strange look."What the hell do you mean real power of it and who in the hell do you know so much. Now would be a good time to start talking Kanai!" Jyote's frustration was starting to get the best of him. Kanai looked at Jyote and smiled."I know but lets wait until the kid wakes up he might want to hear this," Jyote eyes widened and he looked at the standing Lyte. Lyte pretty blue eyes were gone and they were replaced by what Michiko and Mayu spoke. The real reverse concentration. It was a ability made especially for killing and witht he expression on Lytaeon' face it seemed as if thats what his mid wwas set on doing.
Lytaeon spoke with a low voice,"Why did they take Michiko from me?" Kanai looked at Jyote and she figured she would start on how she knows everything." Well Lyte i used to be apart of Seviance and there ideals werent always like that. They used to want to help people but now they are bent on world domination. They wanted Michiko because she has the ability to grant this kind of power to others. As for Mayu they wanted her so they could insurance on the ice country. It would be suicide to try and......"
Lyte cut her since off with a look that she had never seen the gentle forest boy give. It was a look of complete anger. Lyte had never experienced anger this high ever." So even after i begged them not to take her away from me they did it anyway? I mean i begged. There trechery knows no bounds and they enjoy stealing happiness away from people. That have went as far as too kill to get what they want. So Kanai or Jyote how do youstop people like that?" Jyote eyes widened."Lyte you cant be serious!" Kanai looked at Lyte,"Lyte dont resort tot here ways."
Jyote stood up and looked at Lytaeon."Lyte...i know yor angry but killing is not the way to do this. We will look exactly like them." Lyte didnt even finishh to bother listen to what sounded like bullshit to him. Kanai knew this would happen but Lyte was being trained int he wrong thing. he should have been prepared better in the emotional department. What was goin threw his mind is he couldnt take the fact that Michiko and mayu were gone and could be hurt or possibly even killed.
Kanai found no reason to ty and talk since into Lyte just stick by his side. Maybe she could help."Lyte i will show you where th firsta nd closest base is." Lyte turned back."Well then lets go." So the three were about to make there way to the first Seviance base where currently Mayu and Michiko were being held.
Michiko and Mayu were in chains at this point. the seviance leder walked infront of Mayu first." So my beautiful little ice princess lets start with you first. I need to know everything about your little friends." Mayu spit directly in hsi face."I am no traitor!" The leader's hnd came acros her face in a blur movement."DOnt play games with me girl! Let me ask you a question? Have you ever been touched by another man. I think my male members would love to have a peice of you." Mayu eyes widened and she muttered in a scared but brave voice."Go to hell!" The seviance leader chuckled at her made his way over to Michiko."What do we have here? Its the other princess. How about you baby? Do you wanna tell me some info?" Michiko didnt say anything just kept quiet."Atleast your quietr then your friend." He grabbed her faced and made her stare at him in his eyes."Do not toy with me girl." His eyes opened wide and when she looked in them she saw a terrorfying image of them being raped to death. What it was, was the future. Michiko screamed out loud and her voice could be heard threwout the facility and threw the forest. She was terrofied of this man and she called out to Lyte."LYTE!!!!!! LYTE!!!! LYTE!!!!!" Mayu looked at the seviance leader."What did you do to her?" The seviance leadeer walked over to her."DOnt worry its you turn."
Lyte stopped hearing Michiko scream and then a loud scream coming from Mayu. Lyte anger were reaching new levels if that were possible."IM GONNA KILL YOU SEVIANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Th two girls were rendered unconcious fomthe horrible image. The leader smirked."Prepare the forces....to kill. Send out two Seviance members!"

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Monday, October 1, 2007

Chpater 11: Sevance lies

Lytaeon and Michiko had been training the entire day with kanai who seemed to be not going easy on them at all. Michiko was lasting alot longer then Lyte who was on the ground panting for atleast a little air. Michiko was going on strong since her ability posionous youth was extradinary. Kanai was panting herself having to deal with them both. Kana released the Vibrating black fire once more and it traveled ont he ground towads them both. Michiko could have dodged it butLyte himself would have been hit and hard! Michiko slammed her hands infront of her on the ground and the ground melted away making a crater which the fire pased right into. Mayu and Jyote watched impressed and Lyte could feel the energy leaving Michiko and his eyes shot open. Kanai had a open shot to her face and was going for it and right befor impact Lyte's hand rose and caught Kanai's fist. he was panting but it had worked. The whole idea of this training was to see how Michiko and Lyte should figth together and it showed that they both wee verstile. Either one could do defense or offense. Kanai looked at them and smirked."Ok that part of your training is done. Michiko your poison is strong enough to melt earth?! Thats more then shocking since mother nature is suppoe to be the strongest sourse so keep that in mind. As for you lyte your fight emotions which makes your abilities stronger. There is no way you should have been able to stop my fist from hitting her face but by there look in your eye i could see that you were ready to launch a atatck if i would have added energy into that hit. Very impressive. We need to work on your endurance training tho. S for now you two rest. Kanai walked to go wash up and then take a nap and then the training would continue.
Mayu looked at Jyote who semed to be meditating. Sh walked closer to him and Jyote eyes shot open and he pressed his lips to hers.Mayu eyes widened and she pulled away."Jyote!!!!! How dare you......." Jyote was so bold enough to give her another kiss in the middle of her aggrivated speech and she couldnt believe this. Lyte looked at them and tilted his head."Hey Michiko why does may get mad when Jyot does that. Isnt that a good thing to kiss?" Michiko glared at Jyote and muttered to Lyte,"Not when the woman doesnt want too." Lyte smiled and said,"How do you know when is a good time then?" Michiko blushed,"Well you just fell it in your heart i think. I have never kissed a guy be......" Lyte leaned in and kissed her. It was a rather passionate one seeing as how thi was there first kiss. Michiko eyes were wide with astonishment and her eyes closed and she kissed him back and after a mere 5 seconds then they pulled awa."Well i wanted to do that to see how it was." Michiko was flushed crimson and she muttered..."...so..ow was it?" She was a little scared of his response but waited for it patiently.Lyte muttered,"it was like my favorite thing....Honey! i liked it. We will have to do that again soon." Michiko nodded with blush andwhen her and Lyte looked up. Jyote was covered in ice. Mayu had actually froze him solid. Mayu glared at him with blush all over her face."You are the biggest pervert on this planet!!!!!!!! I hate you." She was so upset because it was her first kiss. Lyte walked over and tried breaking him out and Michiko and Mayu went to gather food. As Lyte finally got him out Jyote shivered and smirked."Kid....thats a woman for you right there. Her lips were so cold but warm at the same time. Its just new to me so i want her." Lytaeon laughed at him..."Well she said she hates you." As Jyote was about to speak the screams of Mayu and Michiko could be heard. Snow sniffed the ground and ran threw the forest. Lytaoen muttered,"Lets follow snow he has there scent. Kanai!!!!!!" Kanai was behind them following. As they arrived there all ten seviance members were there and they had Michiko and Mayu." The leader muttered,"The two princesses will come with us. if you want them back complete your training and come get them." Michiko looked into Lytes eyes her were widened with fear from losing her.Lyte muttered,"Please....dont take Lytes girlfiend away. Lyte doesnt want to be alone anymore." The leader smirked and disappeared. lYte looked around and asked Jyote,"Where is Lytes girlfiend Jyote? Where is Lytes Michiko Kanai." kanai lowered her head and muttered,"They took her Lyte but we can get them back." Jyote glared."Mayu......." Lyte eyes glowed blue and what Seviance talked about was about to make its prescence known. Lyt screamed out at the top of his lungs and his hair rose up as if he were sinking underwater. reverse conntration was activated but it was in avery different way. Everything around Lyte was imploding suckig itself into its own dimension and then exploding and the whole forest was being destroyed. Lytes sceams could be heard threwout the whole forest with tears running down his face. The seviance members looked back to see the forest going into ruins and looked at Michiko."SO thats Lytaeon eh? he seems to be fond of you as well. This is perfect." She winced as a tear slipped. Kanai had struck Lyte int he back of his neck knocking him uncncious. Jyote eyes widened andhe looked at Kanai.".........Kanai what thehell was that?" Kanai muttered,"That was the real reverse conentration. When Lyte wakes up im not sure how his attitudeor things will b because ims ure you sinced it...." Jyote looked at her,"Yes.....i sensed a high extreme anger coming from Lyte. This ight chang how he will act so we will have to wait and see. lets get somewhere safe." Snow licked Lyte and when kani looked around he forest was gone."......Damn you Seviance."

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Hey everyone im gonna hold off ont he story today and Just update a little about whats been going on in my lie. Well i got into a little fight with a guy yesterday because he SPIT! In my little sisters face. I dont know why He did thatbut there was no excuse to spit in a 9 yr olds face so i beat the crap outta him. Other then that, things are going rather well, im getting tips on writing and i will be finish a drawing that i want to show you all hehe. Its of Lytaeon. EAMR(Elves ate my Ramen) dont worry about that its only because this was a new account hehe. I have a question who is everyones fvorite characeter in the story? YOU ALL HAVE A GOOD DAY AND IM OFF TO COMMENT ON YOUR SITES. HUGS AND KISSES. BYE BYE.

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Monday, September 24, 2007

Chapter 10: Seviance Observes Challenge Accepted.

Lytaeon seem to be up threw the whole night and as the others awoke then they stared at him and then there heads turned towards each other and they spoke to themselves with Jyote starting first,"Hey you sexy ladies what do you think is going on with his head?" Mayu,Kanai,and Michiko just glared at Jyote,Mayu shook her head,"Well none of us knows but Michiko is the best choice because he seems to like her." Michiko blushed crimson and Kanai shook her hea and giggled."So you have a crush on the forest boy?! " Michiko felt a little embarassed seeing as how eveyone else knew.Kanai looked at her smiled,"Hy girl dont worry he is cute. Ive never seen a boy with orange eyes."Jyote looked at them and just glared,"Hey why is it that he is on you alls good side?.....Forget this! Im gonna go train him." Jyote walked over to Lyte who turned around and his eyes were glowing blue.Jyote eyes widened and they returned to normal as the glowing blue light from Lyte's eyes stopped. Jyote looked at him and smirked,"Well it seems like you were already training the whole night eh?" Lyte looked at him and smiled,"Well, me and snow were training together and lost track of time but im ready now." Kanai stepped infront of Jyote and smirked cracking her knickles and spoke,"Well then i will train you first." Kanai ran towards Lyte and Jyote looked up in shock. Lytaeon crouched down and he smirked. Kanai appeared beside Lytaeon and what wa shown glowing in her hands wss a ball of fire but it was black. She launched the ball at Lytaeon and he he slammed his feet into the ground and yelled out and his fist slammed into black fire and it sent him flying backwards. his body rattled and he skidded across the water and sinked right under. Michiko watched and looked at Kanai' hand which seem to be vibrating and then she smirked,"Hey Lyte....dont try to overpower someone that looks weaker then you,observe the closely and then strike. Lesson one."Lytaeon came outta the water and landed ont he ground breathing heavy. He coughed up blood and smirked. Michiko looked,"Thats enough Lyte!"Kanai laughed,"Well i thought he would be tougher then....." Lyte smirked and spoke,"Yeah im done analyzing now so you wont hit me again." Kanai smirked and appeared beside him in the same manner and the others looked at lyte who was standing still and in a instant his fist slammed against hers and they both slid back. Kanai looked at him with shock."Lyte what did you just do?" Lyte muttered...."..Well i slowed time around us so if you wanna hit me it wont happen easy close up." Kanai smirked.."Oh so you can slow down time around you eh?" Kanai slammed her hand into the ground and a black streak of vibrating fire went towards him. Lyte looked at it closely and held his hands out..... a charging noise could be heard and he fired a massive force that seemed to be sucking evrything in its path. Mayu and Michiko's eyes widened and Mayu froze the blast and Michiko claw slammed into it,and Jyote followed by melting it. Lyte looked at them and smiled. Kanai eyes widened and she asked,"Why did you stop the match?"Mayu walked over to Lyte,"Lyte.....what was that you just used?" Lyte was about to explain and he fainted. Michiko grabbed him and layed his head on her lap. Jyote muttered,"Was that a damn Black hole?!" Kanai eyes widened and she chuckled,"No jyote but im guessing if your sucked into that thing then it tears you apart from the inside right? Its like a reverse black hole." Mayu looked at Kanai."How do you know that?" kanai smiled,"Like i said i analyze my opponent." They all sighed in relief and laughed.Jyote looked and said,"Well kanai you will be his teacher ok?" Kanai looked at them and gave them all a smile,"Of course i will....he did save my life so just leave his training to me ok?" Chisuna appeared behind them all and smirked,"So i was watching the match and it seems to me like his power is much more destructive then all of yours. I want to recruit him but it will be his decesion....if not im gonna kill hima nd you all." Michiko.Mayu,and Jyote just glared at her. Kanai looked at her and laughed,""Well ok i tell you what miss pink Baka. You give Lyte one week and you and another Seviance member get your ass out her to this forest and he and his girlfriend will take you both on? You seem to be trying to make her jealous so she fights you and Lyte fights your own? Deal?"Chisuna smirked....."Why of course! See yah." She disappeared. kanai turned around and smiled at them."We take out two more seviance members easy and also let michiko get her aggression out on Chisuna. This also buys us time to get Lyte Prepared. Of course were going to ambush them." Jyote smirked,"Hehe...you really analyze everything. So do i like your butt. I mean its just....." Mayu struck Jyote in his back."Nice plan kanai,Now lets get everything prepared."

Well seems like Lyte and the otherplan to destroy the next two seviance members. What will happen with Lyte's training and Kanai seems to be able to analyze situations at a very alarming rate so whats the deal with her? You will see in the next chapter.

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Chapter 9: Lyte struggles to understand

Lyte, Jyote,Michiko,and Mayu return back to the hotel onl to see it in flames. Lytaeon eyes widened and he wiggled his way from Jyote. Jyote looked and muttered,"Lyte its burned do not go in there!" Lytaeon ran in the building and Michiko was gonna run after him but Mayu grabbed her and pointed out,"Your body is not as tuff as his....relax." Lytaeon could be heard calling out to someon."Where are you.....? I can hear you?!" The girls voice was..."Get outta here! Are you crazy kid you will be burned." Lytaeon found where the voice was coming from and he smiled only to grimace soon sfter."Lyte sees that your trapped i will help." The long black hairedgirl wit red ees stared at him and chuckled."Its good in all that you wanna help but....CAN YOU REALLY LIFT THIS UP KID! NOW GET OUTTA HERE BEFORE THE WHOLE THING COMES DOWN." Lytaeon ignored her and placed his hands under the metal and touched and he yankd his hands away fom how hot it was.".....Thats hot" The girl looked at him..."No shit!" Lyte smiled and placed his hands on i again and the sizzle noise could be hard.Lyte winced and the girl looked at him..."Kid, are you like retarded?' Lytaeon slowly begin to lift it up and he muttered,"Get out now please."Lytaeon waited for the gil to wiggle herself free and thnn he dropped it. Lytaeon hands wereburning wit blood. Outside Michiko worried and nuck past Mayu and ran in after him."Lyte-kun!" Lytaeon heard her voice and he smiled."Im here...its getting hot." The girl told them they would have to get out now and they made there way to run. The girl exited first and then when she turned the hotel building was coming down ontop of them. Lyte looked up nd held his hands up and the blue Lyte came out and the building stop from falling but he couldnt move."Michiko....get out i will be fine." Michiko saw the struggle in his eyes and she used the poison and melted everything around them and they walked out slowly.She grabbed his hands which had burned blood on them and his eye squinted. She placed his hands on her cheek and he looked at her and smiled.She looked at himw ith er eyes being as soft as possible,"You have to be careful Lyte you......." the girl interrupted her and ask."Do you have power too?" They all blinked and muttered,"Yes we do." The girl muttered my name is,"Kanai and thank you for saving me kid but let me explai something to you that i think you girlfriend was about to say,"You cant save everyone who is in trouble." Lytaeon smiled,"Yes i can. I can tellwhen someone is in trouble so i know i can save everyone." Kanai turned around and laughed and looked at Jyote,"Is he kinda slow or does he think that he is god?" Mayu looked ather andmuttered,"Well he doesnt live around humans nor has he been around any besides us." Kanai looked at him with shock."Oh now i understand. So where are you going do you mind if i tag along with you all for a while?"
Michiko muttered,"Well were going to destroy Seviance." Kanai eyes widened and shemuttered..."Count me in! I dont care to explain my reasons just yet but i will help." Jyote looked up nd it wss geting dark,"well i guess were camping out ladies. So i have a proposal, you allcan share a sleeping bag with me and then ....." Mayu cut him off with a punch to his face.Kanai eyes blinked and then she laughed muttering,"Pervert." They all set up camp and Michiko didnt leave Lyte's side not once. He put his hands in the water and he winced. Michiko looked at them and they were burned badly."Does it hurt Lyte?" Before Lyte could answear he heard a gunshot and a animal fall. His eyes widened and he took off sprinting across the lake with water soaking him. He mad it across and h saw a hunter with a gun and a mother wolf on the ground with the baby hiding behind her. Lyte screamed out,"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!!!!'" The others grabbed Jyote and the guy muttered,"Just doing a little hunting kid....gotta keep the family warm back home." he grabbed the wolf and Jyote had to restrain Lyte."Let me go Jyote.....LET ME GO! NO! SHE HAS A CUB STOP IT. STOP IT!!!!!!!" the guy walked off ignoring him. Lyte then turned with tears pouring down his eyes."Jyote why didnt you let me help," Jyote looked,"It is what must be done sometime in order for others to survive."Lytaeon raised his fist and hit Jyote so hard that he flew back across the lake. The all gasped at that and Lyte muttered,"Maybe i dont understand huumans as much as i should but i do know that the animals are the only ones i lived with since i was little and they helped me alot so if you make a hinderance for me to stop them again then......im gonna seriously hurt you!" The tears poured down his face and Jyote could understand how he felt and he stood up and dusted himself off and apologized."Sorry Lyte but youjust dont understand but i will let you find out on your own."Mayu didnt want to try to explain the food chain because she knew he wouldnt understand. Kanai laughed at Lyte's childish ways and went to bed and Michiko stayed. Lyte bent down to the white wolf cub and picked him up putting him on his shoulder."Then i will potect you but you need a name." Michiko smiled, "how about we call him Snow?" Lytaeon smiled and yelled out,"Snow it is." Michiko had fell asleep trying to stay up with Lyte and snow and Lyte carried her to the camp. he walked back over to snow and muttered,"Well now were the only ones up right now and tomorrow my training starts here so i wont you stay clear ok?" He barked at Lyte and Lyte chuckled,"Yeah ok well we can do that too."

Well Lyte doesnt seem to understand the circle of Life nor the food chain but he will soon find out and i hope you all like this chapter 10 will be up tomorrow.

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Monday, September 17, 2007


Michiko dragged Lyte away from Soan and then she called over to
Mayu."Mayu i can let my poison enter Lyte's body but then you have to stop my
Poison with your ice abilities so this darkness wont keep spreading
threwout his body ok?" Mayu nodded.

Soan looked at the two girls and smirked."Do you reslly think im gonna
let you save him? You must be idiots." Soan eyes widened and felt heavy
breathing behind him. Soan turned and there Jyote was. Jyote claws
came upward and grasped the shirt of Soan. SOan struggled to get free but
the strength of Jyote was insane.Jyote's other claw came across Soan's
face and a loud crash was heard and Soan was sent flying outta the
woods into the river.

Jyote suddenly took off after him. Michiko concentrated and let her
poison take over Lytes body and Mayu extracted it with her ice-healing
abilities and Let Lyte rest. Mayu told Michiko to stay with Lyte. Michiko
nodded and rested Lytes head on her lap and Mayu followed Soan and

As Mayu reached the river Jyote had many cuts on his body from what
appeared to be that he had got hit by many powerful arrows but he showed
no signs of pain.Soan yelled out with blood running down his face."WHY
100 times." Jyote just smirked.

Mayu smirked."You signed your own death when you attacked Jyote., Did
you not understand it when he said dragon gates open. Basically his soul
is the dragon and dragons have scales that are superior then your
pathetic arrows. Dont you see.....he becomes a dragon and Now hes gonna
kill you.": Of course Mayu's explanation was enough for Jyote to gather
enough power to end it and as SOan turned and looked. Jyote was directly
in his face opening his mouth. Soan released his space arrow and it
was coming behind Jyote and as jyote fired a vicous amount of fire from
his mouth directly into Soans face the space arrow exploded behind Jyote
which caused a giant explosion.

Mayu looked at and her eyes showed worried but when she heard Jyote
coughing and muttered."Well i may have went a little overboard hehe."
Mayu walked over to him and slapped him."DONT EVER LEAVE LYTE ALONE
AGAIN." Then she hugged him."Im glad your ok." Jyote looked at her and
nodded."Yeah, im sorry hows the kid?" Mayu muttered,"He will be fine lets get
back to him."

Mayu and and Jyote walked back into the forest and whenSoan was shown
again all that was seen was his bones. They were scorched completely.
Michiko held Lyte and he slowly opened his eyes to see Jyote,Mayu,and
Michiko and he smiled."Um...., Lyte is sorry i didnt get the food." Jyote
messed up his hair patting him on the head."Hey dont worry i will get
the food ok? You know kid you saved my life How did you see his
arrows?" Lytaeon muttered." I found out what the other ability is to reverse
concentration." They all blinked wanting to know what it was."Well it
seems that i can slow time but now around others.....only for me so
thats why it seemed as if i was moving really fast. Now that i know i can
train then i can help you all more."

Michiko smiled.".....Thats amazing Lyte." Lyte looked up,"No....whats
amazing is You all abilities. Michiko has poison youth and eventho i
dont know all the details i know there is more to it not to mention the
awakening of powers.. I have seen your dragon gate ability and i assume
that you defeated Soan and .....Mayu. She has heavens ice which can
heal anything i think so i feel as tho im lacking from you all but i
promise to get stronger."

Michiko muttered kissing his forehad."We know you will thats why we
need you alive. I think you will be the strongest soon." A voice was heard
...it was a woman."Well,well you seem to beat Soan rather easy a? Well
im Seviance member number 9 Chisuna. I dont really take pleasure on
beating up weak opponents. SHe teleported infront of Lytaeon and pressed
her lips to his."Wow....i have never seen one who looks like you. The
hai....the icy blue eyes.....arent you gorgeous. She turned her head to
see Michiko extended her hand in a clawlike manner." She teleported
away and stared at the tree that Michiko had hit and it died and
withered away immediately.

Chisuna licked her lips."Well, it seems that you have a bad attitude
young one. Is that boy yours?" Michiko blushed and was about to run
towards her but Mayu grabbed her arma nd shook her head no. Chisuna just
laughed manically,"Hehe, i take he is not then. Well dont worry you will
see me again once you all get stronger. My orders were to appear when
the boy can fight but i wont be coming alone so do take care and i plan
to bring you back with Michiko. "

She looked at Lytaeon who just stared at her and she blew him a
kiss,"See yah later cutie....i will be back for you soon but until i do get
stronger ok?" She disappeared and a frustrating scream could be heard
from Michiko. She wiped Lytaeon's face checking for injuries. Jyote and
Mayu just looked at her. Jyote was the first to respond,"So
princess.....do you have a thing for Lytaeon?"

Mayu chuckled slightly and Michiko was flushed red and she muttered."Um
well.....SHUT UP JYOTE!" Jyote and Mayu started laughing and Lyte just
looked up and smiled."Well i like Michiko-chan she is pretty." Michiko
blushed and smiled."So is Mayu-chan and Chisuna-chan." Michiko eyes
turned green and she punched Lyte in the face.

Lyte held his face."What!?" Michiko walked away and back to the hotel.
mayu bent down and told Lyte,"Um Lytaeon a word of advice sweetie. I
know for a fact that you like Michiko more then a friend but do not
comment on other girls around her....especially not ones who kissed you
without them wanting too. Ok? U make her feel jealous." Lyte knew what
jealousy meant and he smiled,"No.......um i just meant that you all are
pretty but she has nothing to be jealous about....she is who i like with
um....how can i say it....the most?" Mayu could see he was struggling
but she knew what he meant.

Mayu smiled,"I will let her know. Jyote help Lyte back tot he hotel the
food is still there." Jyote helped him up and Michiko quietly sneaked
back to the hotel after heaing Lytaeon's words and whispered."I like
you more then a friend to Lyte.

Now the group makes there ways back to the hotel so what would be
happening next? We will find out next chapter.

Also as promise here is one of the shots hehe. What does everyone think?
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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Chapter 7: Dragon awakens

Jyote looked at him with pure anger in his eyes and glared."Oh you dont
have to worry about attacking because thats what im going to......" A
arrow shot right pass Jyote's face and made a slight scratch on his
cheek. Jyote eyhes widened and he stared at him.

Soan glared at him,"What do you take me for, One of those low class
Seviance members? I am ranked number ten. Do not underestimate my power.
My arrows travel like anything you ever seen before......or maybe you
see them once in a blue moon. Thats why i call my ability shooting star!
Its rarely that you see my arrows just like you didnt just now did

Lytaeon muttered."But i did....just before Jyote finished his speech
then i saw you extend your arms like you were holding a bow and you fired
with quickness." Soan glared at him."Well that explains how you caught
my arrow the first time you little brat. It doesnt matter....you cant
figth right now." Lytaeon stood up slowly and looked at Jyote and
said,"Jyote you attack and i will defend you from the arrows ok?"

Jyote eyes widened and he stared at Lyte."Lyte are you insane? can you
keep your ability activated and stop his arrows?" Lytaeon smiled,"Im
confident that i can." Soan fired threw arrows and Lyte took off in a
very blur movement. Lyte seemed to be as fast as the arows are even faster
and he caught one of the arrows and blocked the other two with the one
that he caught.

Jyote smirked and then he muttered,"DRAGON GATES......OPEN!" When Jyote
released the hold on his dragon gates then a roar could be heard and
the anger of a dragon could be seen in his eyes. Jyote starting
talking,"You ever wonder how hot a dragons breath is? Here you go!" Jyote
held out his hands and a wall of fire first encased him and then it shot
out like a nova shot.

Soan glared, Lyte and Jyote worked well together aand it made him
angrier that Lyte could easily see his arrowws but why? Then he noticed the
ball of fired coming at him and he smirked."Its still not good
enough!" Soan was surrounded by a darkness that seem to reflect a image of how
space would look and then he he fired a charge arrow and it
obliterated the fire but the arrow took the same damage and it exploded. Soan
glared..."His power is just as high as mine? Bullshit!"

Lytaeon was behind Soan and the flute sword was seen."YAHHHHHH" Lyte
came down in another blurr movement and nothing was seen when his sword
hit the ground. Soan had dodged Lyte's attack. Soan looked at Lytaeon
being 5 feet from him and 10 from Jyote and saw a peice of his red
hair fall. He looked at him and yelled out.

Soan was surrounded by darkness and then his speed seem to increase. Lyte
eyes widened, "Jyote GET BACK!!!!" This time when Soan shot the arrow
then before it got to Lyte the patern changed and it exploded behind
Lyte sending him flying forwards towards Soan.

Lyte couldnt scream because the explosion had sent his reverse running
blood into haywire and it clogged his throat. Soan gracefully spinnned
twice and a peirceing noise was heard. Lyte finally let out a scream
that was heard threw the forest and Jyote eyes widened. Soan had
slammed a arrow right into Lytaeon's stomach and he let him drop.

Soan looked and smirked."I call that one space arrow." Soan watched as
Lyte went unconcious and he chuckled into the image of a dragon could
be seen glowing about 10 feet away. Jyote grew claws,fangs,and even now
had the eyes of a dragon and he ground mercilessly. Soan looked at him
and backed up."What the hell ARE YOU!?"

Michiko and Mayu appeared and Mayu knew all to well what happens when
Jyote gets made. He takes on the anger and characteristics of a real
dragon which wasnt good for them."Michiko.....stay away from Jyote ok? He
intends to brutally kill his target." Before Mayu could finish her
sentence then she was already to Lyte.

Jyote's eyes turned and looked at Soan and when Soan took a look into
his eyes then a dragon roar went threw the foresta nd shook the
earth.Soan looked and smirked.,"I NEVER WOULD HAVE THOUGHT THAT I WOULD FIGHT A

Thats the end of thatt chapter so Jyote appears more of a dragon then
we thought but it didnt explain how Lytaeon could see his arrows so we
will see whats gonna happen in the next chapter.

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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Chapter 6: Seviance member

As they entered the village they decided to get a room with Jyote
sharing a room with Lytaeon, and Mayu and Michiko would share a room. Jyote
complained,"I would much rather share a room with you ladies i mean
wouldnt you be safer with me Mayu?"

Mayu shook her head and she muttered,"I rathersleep on a bed of nails
then share a room with you pervert." Jyote sighed and dragged Lytaeon to
the room. Lytaeon looked at Michiko and started to reach for her.
Michiko looked at him and blushed."Lyte......im not going anywhere its
just time to get some rest ok?" Lyte then looked at Mayu and reached for
her and the words escaped his mouth,"I want to stay with Mayu and

Mayu walked up to him and placed a hand on his cheek and kissed his
forhead."Hey Lyte...we will be right next door ok? Now go with Jyote and
listen to what he says ok?"

Lytaeon smiled and nodded."Ok!" he turned and followed Jyote into there
room. Jyote muttered to himself,"So he asked to stay with them and he
gets a blush and a kiss on the forehead......pfft!"

Michiko and Mayu glared back at him and his eyes widened and he slammed
the door."Sheesh! They are some mean ones arent they?" He looked at
Lyte and Lyte just smiled and said nothing. Jyote shook his head,"You
know kid your just really weird. Say what do you say you go get some food
ok?" Lyte looked at hima nd smiled."OK!" Jyote gave him some gold coins
and Lyte had no idea what they were used for he just stuffed them in
his pocket and ran out.

Lytaeon made his way threw he village as the others rested and washed
up. He saw a man who was wrapped in a cloak following him ad he turned
to look at him."Hi mister...um, can you tell me where the food is? I
need to buy some for me and my friends?"

The seviance member wrapped in the cloak thought to himself."This will
be to easy." He looked at lytaeon and smiled."Sure kid follow me ok?"
Lytaeon nodded with a smile and followed. The guy was leading him to
the woods and replied."Wait right here ok?" Lytaeon replied with his
usual nod and smile.

Meanwhile back at the hotel a knock on Jyote's door was heard and it
was Mayu and Michiko with foood that they ordered from the hotel. Jyote
opened it up and smiled."I knew you both would come back. Please come
join me." Michiko muttered,"Cut the crap Jyote, we came back to bring you
two some food. Where's Lyte?"

Jyote smirked,"Well i had sent him to get us some food." Michiko and
Mayu's eyes widened and they stared and begin yelling at him with
Jyote eyes widened and he told them,"Shit, i forgot sorry, i will go
get him."

Jyote ran out the hotel and called out for
lytaeon."LYTE.......LYTE!!!!!!!" he begin asking around the town."Excuse me, have you seen a young
boy with white hair and oarange streaks running threw it?" they all
nodded a no.

Lytaeon was still waiting for the guy and as he waited he looked around
and saw a arrow coming at a alarming speed towards him. he raised his
hand and caught it before it impacted his face,"MISTER WE HAVE TO GO
and and a cutting noise was heard bringing a long gash along Lytaeon's

Lytaeon stumbled forward and winced and looked back as his eyes were
widened. the blood immediately drenched his shirt. he had been cut by the
point of the guys arrow. The guy removed his garments and the guy had
red eyes and the tatto of the Seviance member on his hand and
muttered,"The names Soan"

Lytaeon looked at him,"Why are you attacking Lyte? Do you not know
where the food is?" Soan looked at him with a smirk and begin
laughing."Kid are you really that dense? Im here to kill you im from Seviance and
i guess you can say that you already started dying seeing as how the
arrow i cute you with is made from darkness. its going to enter your
bloodstream and kill you slowly and painfully."

Lytaeon eyes widened and he turned and tried to run. Soan laughed
walking towards him as he lifted his bow and pointed aiming at Lyte's
head."Goodbye young idiot!" He fired the bow with complete accuracy and it
was going directly towards his head. Right before it impacted Lytes head
a gold dragon was sen obliterating the arrow. Soan looked and there he
was Jyote."LYTE ARE YOU OK?" Lyte looked and nodded and made his way
behind Jyote. Jyote looked at lyte and his face was slowly going pale.

Jyote muttered,"Im sorry Lyte......i will take care of him now." Jyote
turned and looked at Soan who seemed to be smirking. Soan looked at
him,"So, if it isnt Jyote! I have heard about you. The dragon gate user
right? Hmph, to bad your late...that kid is gonna die. You know that im
Soan right?"

Jyote face twitched as he looked at Lytaeon knowing what was
happening."Lyte hey activate your reverse concentration and keep it up as long as
you can ok? It will flow that darkness right out of your body ok?"
Lyte nodded and did as he was told. Jyote glared at Soan and

Soan looked at jyote and smirked. the red hair,and red eye Seviance
member just chuckled,"The kid is still gonna die and stop talking and

A showdown between Jyote and Soan the first member of Seviance was
about to start so who would win and it seemed that Michiko and Mayu were on
there way to the location. Letys see what happens next.

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