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Hello everyone. Welcome to to the Void. That part in your life that seems meaningless for some reason. But enough of that. Its time for me to speak my mind.Yes i like anime, Lain is the shit, a freind from school hooked me on it and now i love it lol and yes i am a guy. Have you ever felt like theres a part in your life that is missing, that there is something greater for you but it just has not come to pass yet. Well we are alot alike welcome to thw wire.......................................................

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Iam BACK......
Hi everyone i know that i have not been on in a while but soon you will see my website in better condtion it is now, iam in my last year opf high school and i am learning cool new shit for my site and for your entertaiment so pull up a chair and stay a while and have a good time
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Monday, March 14, 2005

welll today we our on the computers writeing down what we will do for carrier day but me i just want to kick it and work on my site havin fun talkin to you guys, anyone want my carrier day scdul its Acting, computer, and marien biology

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Tuesday, March 8, 2005

   Slaughter of The Dumb Asses

I just got out of the most boreing asembaly god has ever created. The theme was Africa, and i was thinking the whole time, that WHO THE FUCK CARES!!!!!! Where in baltimore not Africa you dumb shit face cock masters. I was sitting next to Shintogn the whole time, and we were hinking of droping bombs on everyone, only difference was that i wanted to use 3 grenades, he wanted to use 6.

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