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Thank you Wakusei Aoshi and Kagomemom for helping me with my profile!

Ok, well, a bit aout mysef. As you can tell, I'm pretty obssesed with Naruto. -glomphugtackle's Naruto- Mah love!!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Chapter 1 Part 3 - Together Once More
Narikawa's eyes went lazy as they continued running. That is, until they met up with another good friend of theirs. "Hikaru-chan! Hey!" He called out, causing Yumiko to stop her mad dash.
The burnett waved wildly at the younger girl which stood before them.
Yumiko gasped happily, running over to the 15 year old, and holding her in a tight embrace.
Hikaru, caught in both greeting, merely muttered out, "Hey guys. Wh-what's the rush?" she said, punctuating her question with a chuckle.
Yumiko let go of her 'youger sister', and smiled warmly. "Remember plan A47?" The question was responded with a nod. "It's time to set it in action!" Yumiko said, punching the air in excitement, and was later joined by Hikaru.
Then, the three quickly started their plan. Hikaru going to tell Kensuke, her teammate, and Ino's team; while Yumiko and Narikawa ran off to inform Naruto's team, Neji's team, and Hinata's.
After a good 2 hours of getting everyone together and setting up at the park, Yumiko gave a deep, long, drawn-out sigh. "Guess that looks good."
"Yumiko-san~. Now it's your turn." Sakura chirped, making the first sentence sound teasing. The pink-haired girl recieved a giggle and a nod. Soon, Yumiko left the group in a great poof of smoke.
Naruto had been walking down the streets of Konoha, greeting people here and there, but now he had grown tired of it. How come he hadn't seen any of his friends? This began to bother the young Uzumaki, and he continued his way in the streets, hands shoved in pockets.
In the shadows hid our kunouichi, spying on Naruto closely. Soon, she made several handseals, and directed her genjutsu towards Naruto.
The blonde's eyes hazed over slightly as he was captured in the jutsu, his head slumping over.

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Friday, July 27, 2007

Chapter 1 Part 2 - Together Once More
Yumiko jumped over several people, racing her way towards a man's house. Once there, she knocked on the door, panting.
A woman with light brown hair opened the door and recieved a bow from the raven-haired girl. "Oh, Yumiko! It's you. What brings you here?" She asked, a smile flashing upon her features.
"It's nice to see you too, Mrs. Hitoshi. I came looking for Narikawa, is he here?" Yumiko muttered, catching her breath.
Upon hearing Yumiko's voice, a young man standing in the livingroom twitched significantly. He had just heard sweet silver bells ringing and his soul had reached heaven for a mere second. He made a mad dash to the door, pushing his mother out of the way. "YUMIKO-CHAN!" Narikaway greeted, smiling warmly.
The girl bowed lightly again and giggled at Narikawa's reaction. "Come on, Narikawa. We have to go. NOW!" She said gently, tugging on his hand.
Warm blood ran up to Narikawa's cheeks, making them flash a bright red. "Y-yeah." His thoughts raced, but one thought remained above all others. 'She's holding my hand....'
Yumiko, finally annoyed, pulled tightly on his hand, making him slump over as they ran. "Naruto-kun's back!" she informed ater a while.
Narikawa jumped at her comment. "We should tell Iaara then!" But after thinking his statement over, he noticed that what he said could not be done.
"He's already in a mission." Yumiko answered. They had found out Iaara's secret long ago. He was a chuunin and had been placed with gennin for some sort of training. So, when Yumiko and Narikawa graduated from Gennin rank to Chunnin, Iaara was now a Jounin and was no longer part of their team.
But it didn't bother the two. They could still see their friend once in a while.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Chapter 1 Part 1 - Together Once More
Ahh, the fresh air. But this was no normal air. What I mean, you ask? Well...this was the refrshing air from within KonohaGakure. A young man who called this place his home had left for a total of 4 years. And today he came back.

"Keatte Kitattebayo!!" Naruto announced his arrival loudly, spreading his arms wide.

Upon the rooftop of a house lay a young woman, her black tresses beneath her. She had been dazing off, watching the endless sky, and heck, even conversing with the demon inside her. When she heard Naruto's announcement, she bolted upright and jumped to her feet. The hair that once brushed against her back now neatly kissed her ankles. A bright smile flashed on Yumiko's face as she looked towards the resonating of the loud yell. "He's back!" She jumped down, the long sleeves of her half-kimono lagging behind in the air. She wore a Kimono that was cut at her waist. Leaving some short leggings exposed.

As the excited girl made her way to her teammate's residance, Naruto chuckled deeply. Oh, how good it felt to be back in Konoha. He wondered about his friends when he finally decided to jump off the pole.

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Monday, May 28, 2007

Ehm...un....I dunno
Well, I kinda envy my friend Wakusei for making an awsome Naruto story. So...I think I want to start my own. xD

Only mine will take place in Shippuden, A.K.A Hurricane Chronicles!

I guess this'd be a good time to post disclaimers.
Hikaru, Sanosuke, Kensuke, and Naoko (C) Wakusei Aoshi
Yumiko, Narikawa, and Iaara (C) Me
Naruto Characters (C) Masashi Kishimoto

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