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OK im new at this so no burns >_<

apparently i had to use my gain name cause ENVY was taken XP.
thats my sin. ENVY.

i wanna say thanx to kawaii steh for helping me w/ my profile. youv been a big help XP.

OK right now im haveing serious trouble w/ this and its no fair cause i really like myotaku T_Ti wanna get the hang of this but everything is confusing >_<

i really need help so if any one can gove advice than that would be greatky appreciated XD
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ok people theses are just some things that i have an interest in

Thursday, December 15, 2005

   felling of bleh
since im at school and not abble to go on myspace (fucking NISD)
i have ti write in here.plus imn using this account cause i don't want anyone to veiew this. im only writing cause i need to let out my emotions. today at lunch i felt like i was low to the people around me. i feel so infereior to them yet i share common interest they still act better than me. i was so depressed ause i felt noone even took the time to talk to me. i always had to talk. and if i continued to talk then they would get annoyed. its not easy for me to make friends. and i would like to keep the ones i have now . but if things keep continuing then i may not have any frinds at all. no one really cares about me nor cares how i feel.i hope im over reacting cause i would hate to know im being hated and everyone just letting me look like a fool and not tell me.

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Sunday, November 6, 2005

OK help me
ok guys i want to change my profile name........how would i go about doing that?

any and all advice would be great

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Saturday, November 5, 2005

ok.....settled in
alright im now settled i put up picks i posted.

i go my background, i gotthe color right, and i got messigning down.....so far im good, now i just need to make friend friends and more friens XD ......FAT CHANCE >_<

oh well all i know it that im on MYOTAKU XD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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things that amuse me
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   NOOB -_____-
ok so im new. no big deal i got somewhat a hang of this so far....not really i still need some time
and knowing mysoef i have time lol. i wanna thank Kawaii seth for helping me she reall came through. THANX XD

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