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Im KaCe! im 13
my real name is KaYsie But call me KaCe...Im reALLy IriSH~ Im 5'7 I like someone be-sides my boyfriend,im very flexible,110 pounds,ive been cheated on.which i really hate,i hate liars and stealers,im a very get out of my face person,ive dumped sum1 because i didnt like them any more, ive kisssed a girl b4, been called poseur many times,i love drawing which i lack in that area,ive hugged everyone i know,im irish and german...RAWR!,and im running out of things to say so get out of my face!

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Im Me Or eMaiL mEh
um i dunno what im doin on this site so just im me at


wOaH...my friend showed me sum anime and i thought it was cool so she brought me to this site and now it feels like im on a stranded island. im mostly into hello kitty. but yea... KisS mE Im rEaLLy IrIsH.
i like some one even tho i have a boyfriend lol