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*ZDRASTvuytye*(Hello in Russian)Bonjour!!!! MOUSTACHES RULE!!!!!!And I love all of you so be nice to me and talk to me a lot k???

We're abominations, the products of genetic experiments that violated the laws of nature.
We who were born of darkness must walk in darkness. ....because...
...we were never meant to exist...
We're the sons of men who wear the black mark upon their foreheads.
We are....
....Descendants of Darkness...

da sviDAniya!!!Au Revoir!!!!(Goodbye)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

YAY ^_^ Today is my birthday!!!!!!It's the best day out of the whole year!!!!Let's see...my first hour class sang to me...which is band...it's because we can't sing that we're in band...lol(a little band humor there)and then my 7th hour class sang to me which is english...kevin, who is my evil twin, also was sang to.We just got back from eating at Larry's Driftwood Pizza.It was delicious.Tomorrow my big bro is taking me and my friend Chris to see Sweeny Todd and my friend Eric is supposedly going to meet us.Yesterday I had a dr.s apt. and he said that I can now walk without my crutches!!!!!WOO HOO!!!!Yay Happy 16th to me!!!!!
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Friday, January 11, 2008

Man it really is getting longer and longer until when I last wrote!!!!So anyway...I had surgery on the 4th of December on my stupid retarded toe!!!!!!!AHHHHHHH I HATE U (chops toe off)......(oops...glues back on)....Yea so I was in an amazing green cast it ended up my great aunt died like a week after my surgery....I missed 2 weeks of school and I was supposed to go back the 18th and 19th but my doctor said that I couldn't so then I got out of school for Christmas break.For christmas I got a giant remote control which is like as long as my arm,Season 1 and 2 of Criss Angel:Mindfreak,the second half of like season 2 and season 3 of Ghosthunters,a crapload of games,a bunch of money that I'm going to spend at Borders,AND the personal favorites of Montey Python and the Flying Circus which I watch all like 5 or 6 DvDs everynight.Jan 3rd I got my cast off and was put into a walking cast and then Jan 4th I went back to school on F-ing crutches!!!!!!IT MADE ME SO MAD!!!!!!!So anyway I got done with finals yesterday...still have a million tests to make up...But the good thing is that the guy I like...Eric...actually conned one of my best friends into giving him my number and was like texting me while I was out.It was so cute!!!!And it turns out that he actually like me...even though he said he didn't at homecoming...Is this just a faze and his personality or is it real???I have no idea...OH AND MY BIRTHDAY IS COMING UP ON THE 24TH OF J-A-N-U-A-R-Y SO TELL ME HAPPY BIRTHDAY OR ILL....ILL THINK OF SOMETHING!!!!!
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Monday, October 29, 2007

I think it keeps getting longer and longer until I write again, but you know it doesn't really matter 'cuz you know what....NOBODY EVER LISTENS TO ME ANYWAY!!!!It's been forever since I've last talked to anyone!!!But you know....so let's see...our marching band season went great...we've been grand champs at WIU(Western Illinois University) 5 years in a row!!!!YAY GO US ^_^ We actually won something at U of I!!!It was so amazing 'cuz we never win anything there but we got Best Drum Major.It was great.It was our first year at Quincy and for it being our last competition we didn't do half bad!!We came home a silver in parade and 3 other golds!!!Yea it was a good year.We had our fall play this weekend...Nothing But The Truth by Avi...it was kinda boring...I did sound and it was still boring 'cuz like 15 of my sound cues were cut so all I had was like 8...yea it was good for me though...
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