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Thursday, April 21, 2005

   I am a busy busy man.

Hey there guys! I know I missed a post yesterday, but thats ok, some times I just have nothing to say. =P but I do now. :D

Like I said, I am a busy busy man, or at least I am going to be one for the next little while. XD ok, first off, my friend Ju, wants me and Glacial Drake to go to the womens show thats going to be on, on april 24th. so we are going to that, :D and it will be pretty funny, me being a guy, going to a womens convention, but hey, its the only thing fun to go to right now, and spending some time with Ju is something you just have to do. hehe.

Also, other than that, this saturday and I babysiting my cousin for my grandparents, who are going to a wedding. =/ but meh, I get paid and all me and my cousin(who is like 8) do is play video games. ^^ yay.

aaaaaaand, like you should all know by now, is I am having my B-day party next saturday. like I don't talk about that enough. XD

But yeah, oh, and I have school. that always makes me a little busy =P so yup, I will be a busy busy man, but that wont stop me from comming here, don't worry. :D

peach out!


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