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hi!im a depressive girl who hate his familly and the people(only the ones who get on my nerves)Thats mean almost everybody! Im a drug addict,im calm, im a solitary person, im little bit diabolical and not social because im shy and i hate almost evrybody!If u want to talk to me i will be happy and gentle but only if u dont get on my nerves.Oh and sorry if sometime i write somethings of weird its because the english itsn't my mother thong, but im not so bad and i can understand what u say.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

   i hate the exams
All the week i did my stupid exams and im sure i will fail. that's so demoralizing! and now im so tired to studying for that. Fortunately monday ist my last exam and after its the summer holidays.yeah! But only if i dont fail because if i fail i will one week of courses. burk! We could say then the gouvernement of the education like to see some students, like me, to fail their exams! So whatever i will think about it when that will be the time for that now i try to rest the mind.
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