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Friday, July 7, 2006

   hello all
hello everyone. how are you? I'm not so bad. i have somthing to finnaly cros of my goals list with^^ no i didnt achive greatness but i finnaly got a tattoo!! yesterday i had gotten it^^ it's not as bad as i thought it would be i figured it would hurt really bad and what not but all it felt like was like a vibrating razor with a bit of a prick of a needel. so it wasnt that bad^^. well yeah other then the tattoo nothing really all that new to report. Stampeed started today and i'm wearing the "save a horse ride a cowboy" shirt that peach gave me.. still havent tried wearing a bra since i got my tattoo. after all it is only a day old XP well yeah i start my CPR traning tomorow and i have to get up at 7am T.T but meh. and then on sunday i'm going to the stampeed with one of my girls and her... well her fuck buddy(there not really dating although they should be) but yeah other then that hope you all have an awesome weekend.

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