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Saturday, May 27, 2006

   hey all^^
hey everyone^^ how are you? how have you been since my last post? i'm not that bad nothting really all that new or good has happend to me... but yeah well yesterday was pritty eventful. i had a really easy coasting day^^ after school i had an interview for a summer internship at the hosptial nnear my house. after that i stoped by pet land to look at some puppy's and then later went to pick up my cheque form work. i still havent put in my two weekes notice yet but i'll prububly do that on monday. and well yeah after i came home my sister and mo were watching my favorite movie Anistasia so that was cool. then Matt called and we talked for a while. then i called my soon to be sister in law and asked how she was doing and how her sunburn form the long weekend was. and after all of that i went out to a movie, The Davince code, with Missa. and me and her havent done anything in a while where it was just the two of us. and well about the long weekend. i had a hell of alot of fun it was just me, my soon to be sister in law and my brothers and my sister in law, and my broters friend Art and his Gf. but it was alot of fun to just get away and not have to deal with alot of shit, i had a bunch of laughs that weekend and got really burnt on my legs :S but yeah other then those things nothing really new has happend. but i have been thingking about when i'm older and all for me to just cut off all tie's with my family and maybe some of my friends...just sever all comunication and everything. theres just been alot going on and i'm just a little over taken and over stressed and i cant ever remember teh last itme i went out and had a day to myself and did and got stuff for myself. or the last time was really trully happy... but yeah.. anyway i know it's odd that i'm posting on a satereday but my dumb ass father took away my computer and so i'm over at my brothers. but yeah hope you all have a good weekend. till next post!

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