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Thursday, May 18, 2006

   hello everyone
hey all how are you? I'm sorry that i havent been on in like forever! but i got a part time job! i'ma surveryer i call people at around dinner tiem and survey them.. yes belive me this job is as bad as it sounds! and i do get alot of hangups and mean people. but hey it's money and i probubly wont be working there for a long time. but yeah i found out today that I'm going to be an Aunty to a baby girl My sister in-law is preggers with a Girl.. but i was kinda i dissapointed and know that it makes me a horrible persion but like i really wanted it to be a boy... i'm affraind that I'll dissown it if it'll be a girl.. but whatever.. well other then that nothing new. I spoke to Peach on the weekend, he's doing fine misses home but i planning on comming back as soon as possible. I havent spoken to matt in forever... we just havent been talking.. but yeah other then that only 16 day's left till the end of school. and IT's been scorchign hot here! but it's better not it's a bit cooler today! and well yeah nothing new. and I'll try to post again as soon as i can.
well hope you all have a good day/time till i post again.

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