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Monday, May 1, 2006

   hello everyone
hey all^^ how are you? I'm not that bad, a little bit in pain but that's about it...well that and like worried. well yeah how was you weekend? mine was pritty fun, friday was Peachs 17 birthday^^and that was loads of fun but unfortunetly he might of had to of gone and moved very far away form me now and that's why i'm so worried.. buecause i dont know if he did or the plan to kidnap him and his stuff worked so that he will now be living at Pokey's.... and that's why i'm soo worried because i dont have there cell #'s and i dont know if pokey has his land line for teh house back yet... but yeah anyway hoefully i'll find out soon. but yeah after the party i took the bus to my brothers house, and he had stayed pu becase he didnt know if i had a key or not.. and he thought i had been drinking and what not and told me that i suck(this is at 12:30 am my brother cant come up with really good insults at that time) but yeah well after friday teh last two day's have just basically been me working for him like mudding and sanding the walls and helping him put up drywall. my arms are killing me but i guess it's not as bad as my brother he had to go to the hospital last night because he cut almost cut off his pointer and thumb on his left hand with an exacto knife... but yeah he's ok he called me yesterday to tell me that he's ok^^. well yeah i have to day off so i'm going to go and work for him again.. well hopfully i'll find out what's happen to Peach. and i hope you all have a good day^^.

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