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Monday, April 17, 2006

   hey all^^
hey everyone^^Happy Easter monday^^ how was your Easter? how was you weekend? Mine wasnt all that bad.. i went to Uprise on friday *that club thinger that i was talking about* well as it truns out it wanst a club thinger afterall it was a bunch of Emo, Grndge, Punk, kinda Scremo bands that are all underground in my city. my friend T and i stuck out like sore thumbs... I wore hot pink*not knowing what exactly it was* and she wore a bright blue.green shirt... and everone eles there wore black and had facial percings and had the hair in the eye thing. so yeah other then everyone looking us down like we didnt belong we had fun, i really liked a couple of bands, Pants situation, SIDS Sudden Infante Dance Syndrome, and like i think it's called Bajore floor. I was really amazed that i could even hear the next morning. but yeah sterday was a loung about cleaning day i really didnt do alot. and then Sunday morning i had the family over for easter breckfast, it was fun, my brother made my mom cry, but she's ok. then later on in teh afternoon we had easter turkey dinner and as a family sat down and watched tv. it really wasnt that bad, i found it fun. The easter bunny also brought me a chocolate egg thing, another one filled with m&M's and a bunny teddy. then also my sister inlaw brought over a bunch of cadeberyeggs and chocolates, and some cloths that she dosnt wear or can fit into anymore.. and on a different subject,Matt< Pokey and i arnt getting along very well..and i just yeah... well other then that nothing all tht new happend. so hope you all have a good day.

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