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Friday, April 14, 2006

   hey everyone^^
hey all how's it going? I'm not all that shabby. nothing really new happening. I'm on break now though^^ so like i get to sleep in like crazy^^ and to night i'll be going to a underground band party thing with like Collage and Univeristy kids...*evil grin* lol well anyway i'm hopeing too. My friend T invieted me to go along with her becuase her big sis invited her but like her sis was going to ditch her and she didnt want to be the only one there that's our age, so i said that if she wanted i'd come along... well other then that nothing new. today's good friday so no meat for me... but it dont bother me all that much because on I'll be having a HUGE easter breckfast on sunday morning and a HUGE easter dinner i think that same afternoon^^. and tomorow i'll be coloring easter eggs..No i'm not too old..Lol well yeah noting at all that new other then that. well hope you all have a Wonderful easter weekend. and may the bunny bring you lots of Treats!!

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