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Konnichiwa! Thanks for comming to my site. Please as you come sign my guess book. I have decided to change the theme of my site to Die from dir en grey. die has the cutest smile. ^_^ *random thought* yaoi rox!
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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

wow it's been a long while
Howdy!!! yeah what a weird greeting. Well man i have not posted on this site for like 2 years now! That is crazy. i just wanted to write on here for fun now. also to update everyone on my life and how i am doing. Well to start off... i now have a boyfriend that i love very very much!! we've been together for almost a year now in April :)his name is nick and he is everything to me. also I've gotten a lot better in speaking japanese! and i am a sophmore in college going to be a junior soon. what else? MY life is awesome so far and just been worrying about test and what not. Lets see what else? ummmm i have matured a lot haha and that's about it. oh and that crush that i posted like idk how many years ago, we went out for 5 months then broke up, and now we are just friends. I don't care though i have someone better ^_^ and that's it. Who knows when i'll post something up next time. so i'll see you prob later later!
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Monday, April 21, 2008

Hey everyone yeah i haven't been here in a while lately. And i thank you ppl who come to still visit my site while i am currently not here. yeah my life has been great. Oh and i think i like someone. I'm not certain if i do. It's just like at first i didn't really know him then i started to get to know more about him. He likes beethoven! That's an a plus for me :) lol. Well yeah i'm not going to say anything else cause i don't want to jinx myself. Until next time pplz bye! i'll keep ya updated.
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