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thank you for droping by

i will be doing the hole web site in HTML so it will look better but take longer

plz come back soon

Friday, January 13, 2006

   if you get this you are cool
if you got my new stamp of sweetness then your a very cool person and/or have a bad ace site

"hello i am josh. i am a nut..

this is josh in a nut shell..."
thats the stamp

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sorry all theat knew me
sorry for having to go and never getting back on or telling any of you why i left.. well here it is..
i had to go to school but now i am back yay

plz feel free to IM me. i just dumped all the back letters so there is room now

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   i am back
sorry people i was gone for some time thought i would just jump back in lol..
redoing hole site

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