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hi! I won't give out my real name, but you can call me Jonouchi or Jou or whatever. as some of you may know, I'm cardcaptorryoko's and Bizarro-Sephiroth's little brother (in the flesh. XD). my sister FINALLY got me an account on this thing, so yeah... please sign my guestbook, add me as a friend if you want, and for those who haven't alredy, please visit my sister cardcaptorryoko and my brother Bizarro-Sephiroths when you have the time.

Friday, August 11, 2006

   who made anime
havent you ever wondered who made anime
well I have so thats wy im dong this post.
So it like I like anime and all but who made it
and thats why I aske you.

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Thursday, August 10, 2006

   My sister
My sister

she's so lazy she askes some body to get a book for her at three aclock in the morning.
Isnt that lazy.
and espeshily she wont tell me how to get people to visit me :,( crying
ant that sad
and I might never go on this sight ever agian

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   shaman king
shaman king is one of those shows that you have to see the first episode to under stand it am I right XD. I know I am bout even if im wrong please sign my guest book please or I WILL DIE THIS TIME!!!!!!!! ok :)

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   I'm back... in fact
after nearly a year (maybe 2?) of hiatus, I decided to come back to myO. how active I'll be, though, depends on how much nee-chan is willing to help me, since she's a great big meanie! anyway, uh, depending on if my sister decides to help me, I might make some greetings and submit them here, so keep an eye out for them!
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Thursday, August 4, 2005

  this is me again.Can you please sign my guest book.I need them or i well die cough cough.So please sign it cough.I need you please.
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   first post
so you think that was me no that was my sister ok so don't get any ideas.So now you know that i am her brother and all we don't get along very well.Now you know that so can you not get any ideas all right good.I am just pulling your leg.Read you next time.
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