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Saturday, September 16, 2006

I have decided that i am going to delete my myotaku... just because i never use it... If anyone wants to keep in touch with me heres how

Emails- lostkitsune@gmail.com

Aim- vanillaxrain190

Yahoo IM- alwaysconfused190

MSN- Vanillaxrain@hotmail.com

Myspace- www.myspace.com/narusasufan if you add me to myspace... please msg me telling me your from myotaku....

Deviantart- http://lostkitsune.deviantart.com/

I hope that some of you care enough to keep in touch <3 thanks

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Monday, August 7, 2006

Mood: happy

Background picture of the post- by - http://moral-extremist.deviantart.com/ ... she has some great picture <3

drinking: koolaid

Music: Iris by the goo goo dolls

ok maybe it's been a while since i updated. It isn't as bad as usual. I've been semi busy. I have to get on my summer reading =P i have to read two books before i go back to school in septemeber.
I should be getting my schedul in like two week. I really hope i got my criminal law class. I would be really mad if i didn't because i didn't get the class i wanted last year either :( ... anyway.. i've been semi busy.
I've been making money by doing jobs for my aunt since she works really late and is to tired to do it herself. So far i've made 50 bucks... she insists on paying me 10 dollars an hour... hey i'm not complaining. When i finish the hallway i think i'll have about 95 plus the 50 she gave me....
Yes... i love my aunt <333333 i can't wait for clothes shopping for schoolll... <333333. I also got a job...well an under the table job. I babysit at my neighbors church from 6:30 to 9... me and my neighbor do the babysitting and they pay us by how many kids we watch... last time i only got ten dollars but they are raising the price
because it was unfair to me and Leia... my neighbor...she's going into seventh grade.. i can't believe it the last time i remember she was in kindergarten lol... ummm.... i'm really just blabbering... On friday was my mom's birthday I cleaned the house and made her dinner.. i also bought her a card. The next day we went minature golfing.. i suck at it.. I always hit the ball to hard =( but i was surprised i got a hole in one =)!! Then we went to this really cool "50's"
resturnant.. i wanna work there when i'm able to get a job.. their uniforms are so cool and that place is pretty much awesome... Yea.. but that wont be for like 3 years.. my mom won't let me get a job until i'm out of highschool... long story don't wanna explain... Hmm....what else has been going on... umm... i finally started my second chapter of my fanfiction.
I got 3 pages done....out of... i dunno :/ i plan to finish it by august... maybe... hopefully it's been since january since i last updated.. i was too busy and had the worst writers block.. <33333 anyway... i dunno what else to put....oh yea... i really need to find a better color to put this in but i'm to lazy =/ have a good rest of the day <3


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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Mood: Neutral

Background picture of the post- by - http://moral-extremist.deviantart.com/ ... she has some great picture <3


Music: Speeding Cars by imogen heap

Yea, it's been forever since i've update.. seriously forever.. Almost a month >< I haven't even been busy. Hmm so whats new. My mom went on vacation for a week. She comes
back today. I've been stuck with my brother and my aunt ( my mom doesn't trust me and thinks i'm going to have wild parties and trash the house) My friend sam's been sleeping over again.
She's the one that was dating the guy over the internet and we had the big fight.. well they broke up for acouple of months and now they are back together.. It's useless to do anything or say anything
because my opinion doesn't count. Lets see I'm out of school... yea it's been that long since i've posted i wasn't even out of school. I have to start my summer reading books sometime soon. Um... Pirates of the Caribbean (spelled it wrong)
and the dead mans cheast is the best movie ever. I got a haircut. I offically have bangs....I also started the fourth chapter to my fanfiction (i haven't updated since jan/feb) yea i've been busy/lazy
I'm still single (even though i want that to change sometime soon) new layout is of Riku and Sora from Kingdom hearts. I love that game. I beat both of them. Hmm what else has happened that i can fill you in on. I never made it to philly like i said in the last post
I did get my new mp3 player. I did get good grades on my finals (i got a 100 on my history final!) ummm what else... Can't thing of anything at the moment. I will update soon...hoepfullly


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