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KONICHIWA everyone!I am Johanna!I must say you are pretty lucky to witness they site of the biggest Manga fan in the world.I am a Manga artist who loves anime and everything that has to do with it!!!! I have a twin brother who is equally obsesed but enough about that.

Some stuff about me:

reconized as: The bigest anime fan in the world!!!

Favorite Music: Alternative...Probebly stuff you've never heard of.

Favorit Manga: Pita Ten and Galaxy Angel

I'm a very artsy person who would desperatly love to share her art work if she had a stupid scanner....
I'm a total amature at making sites cool so bear with me, I"m improving it every day.
I love writing and sometimes burst into outlandish peotry writing now and then, I'll hope you'll enjoy my posts.....I do my best tokeep them interseting and finally Mioya' ge, la o' patho!!!!!
Welcome to my world!!

Please sign my guestbook...I'd love to see all the people who visit (If anyone comes)

:) Arigato everyone!!!


Thursday, March 9, 2006

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Saturday, March 4, 2006

I'm sad to say that I have to delete my account on MyOtaku..........I am so sad!!!!!! Hopefully, I will get internet in the computer in my room, then I will be able to get anohter account, and I'll get to see you all again.....I hope you guys cometo say good-bye.......I'm calling this comments list my Saionara Guest book...so I hope you all come to sign ^-^ Who knows? Maybe, things will change and I won't have to leave...I hope so...And I'll try. Keep it real for me, k?
I probably will delete on Sunday or Monday....so I hope I ghet to talk to you guys before then!!
*snif snif*

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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I WON MY LADDER TENNIS MATCH!!!!!!! I GET TO MAKE VARSITY!!!!! WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT!!?!?!? An 8th grader playing varsity with the big , bad high schoolers *read with sarcasm*!!!!!!
well......I'll probably get my ass wooped...but I can dream!!

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