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Hey everyone Im back so will post thank you very much

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Monday, January 19, 2009

   Hi again
Umm remember that quiz? Well this is my result

Your Result
Name: Herowkey
Village: Your home village is Leaf, but you've been just about everywhere.
Rank: Jounin
*About you*
You are very smart, creative, strong, and talented, love animals and you love to play. You are the most common role model, and very sweet. But you have always been kinda alone, but you have great friends! People have died for you, you really wish for that to stop happening. You're most likly punk and emo mixed.
*Everyones thoughts*
Naruto: She is so hot! And strong, she bought me ramen one time, I thought it was soooo sweet! She can even sing. And she's super sweet, and doesn't go all Sasuke-kun! Sasuke-kun! No, she's way better then him anyways!
Sasuke: She's so weird! But, I can't stay away from her... (Me: Inside, he wants you!)
Sakura: I dont like the fact that Sasuke likes her, but she doesn't love him. And, Because of that, she's my best friend.
Ino: She's so sweet, and nice, and doesn't try to sleal Saskue-kun! I think she and I could be great friends!
Shikamaru: A bit different, but very sweet and cute.
Chouji: She never made fun of me, and she even bought me food.
Hinata: She's sweet, but Naruto likes her more than me, but she trys to help me.
Kiba: She's hot and strong, she's really strong, I think she's awsome!
Shino: She never stepped on my bugs, she thinks it's wrong to die without doing anything wrong.
Lee: Amazing, and strong, but mostly... THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING EVER!!! SHE'S STOLEN MY HEART!!!
Tenten: It's cool having a half tom boy around, makes me feel not so alone. She even trys helps me train.
Neji: A great fighter and really... (Me: He so likes you.) (Kat: NOOOOOOOO!)
Gai: Youthful, but a bit too punk.
Kakashi: She is a great ninja, but her sound and kindness is her weakness. But I treat her like my own daughter.(Me: He also thinks you're hot.)
Kuranai: She is totally amazing, to be a jounin at such a young age. And her sound could make a great genjutsu.
Asuma: Amazing.
Tsunade: very strong.
Shizune:... (jealous)
Gaara: VERY trustworthy. A great friend, I love her like a sis, and that doesn't happen much!
Kankurou: Hot, very hot, wonder if she'd go out with me!
Temari: She is very hard to beat, and nice to Gaara.
Best friends- Temari, Naruto, Kiba, Sakura, Sasuke, Hinata, Ino. Boyfriend(s)- Naruto (Me: But a chance there's Sasuke and Kiba.)

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hello everyone its kinda late to say this but HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! it was jan 13

I like me.

Shika: wow everybody likes you.
Me: I know right?
Shika:yeah thats kool though

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Friday, December 5, 2008

HEY WUTS DOIN I feel good today! cept my dad is like weird and stuff lately SHIKAMARU ROX!

Shika: thank you thank you
Shika: oh s*** RUN! *he bumps into Naruto, Kiba, and Neji
all of them: OMG ITS Jamzi! (my nickname) RUN!!!
Oh ya all of this is only because i think sasuke should be sasgay! I happen to be a fangirl of SHIKAMARU!!! soo cha

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Monday, January 14, 2008

   Hi hi
whats doin everybody? im watching hsm 2 cause im bored! wow im desperate. . . weird by the way this is my new laptop cause yesterday was my b day!! happpy birrthday to me!!

;P later,

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