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My name is jimmy kudo! If you've never heard of me,
I'm probably your worst nightmare. If you'd like to contact me, go to the messaging, and type jimmy kudo. My favorite animes are Case Closed, InuYasha, and more. Look around and please don't run out of sheer scaredness. Tell your friends to visit and hope they don't run. Sign my guest book and add me as a friend. I'll come visit you sometime as well.

Thank you!

~jimmy kudo

Thursday, July 9, 2009

   Yes. I'm alive. o.o NAO READ.
Lol. I'll bet your thinking
"Holy shit I haven't seen him in forever."

Well, I apologize for that. A lot has happened
over the past few years.
I'm engaged now, I'm a Game Designer and Programmer. I run my own business. I goto a university. Yeah...lots.

Actually if your interested in my newest game coming out "The Hallow Life", feel free to check it out http://thehallowlife.com/forums/index.php?

my main site is down for a bit, but my forums are up. feel free to join my user name there is the only red italics one. "Viral Dragon". lol.

I'm sure you guys would love it. there's something there for everyone. o.o


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Friday, December 28, 2007


hey guys, i know i havent been on in like forever but please join my forum, my goal is to hit top ten forums in 1 year, and i really would love more members currently i only have 10 which is small, the forum ti self is still under construction but almost done. a small list of what it has is:
300+ games
an arcade
anime dir/
game w/ cheats dir/
walk troughs
awesome staff
fun community
not so strict rules.
auto welcome PM.
perosnal greeting
fun fun fun.
and trust me theres more..i just basically skimmed it.
its awesome awesome awesome...ive been scripting this site forever now..and i want/need people to join. like i said my goal is to it the top 10 forums in 1 year. and evetually iw ant to be one of the biggest best communities ever online. i scripted the forum myself, and it took me a darn good while, invisionfree is my host, so theres nothing to worry about, theres always some one to help you 24/7 too.
as you might see theres only 1 admin, and thats me.
so please join my forum a nd be apart of something great.!!!!
the URL is.::


the forum name is crystal rose (fantasies)
please do at least take some time look around.



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Sunday, October 14, 2007

   hey there, CHAPTER 1!!!!
hey guys, befor i post, i just wana say im uber sorry that i made you wait like 3 monthes, but i wanted to make it really really good, and i changed alot of the text, so yea im still editing it though, if you have suggestions or what ont please tell me. um, so anyway again im sorry for making you wait so long. have fun reading it ::::

The Sacred forsaken

-A legend begins-

Chap 1 – The Gate

“Hey, Steve wait up will you?” After running a good distance, Matt finally caught up with Steve. Steve who was average height and has black hair, which was always messy in the back, had an average build as well. Steve had brown eyes, and loved “Full Metal Alchemist” the anime to death. Matt who had his own secrets. Was around 5’8 and had an average build as well. Matt was well known for his arts as a ninja and for his love of acting. He has blue eyes, which change to green some times, and dirty blonde hair and has known Steve since almost practical birth. Matt smiled and said “Yo. Steve, where’s the others? We have class in about 10 minutes. I hope they hurry up soon, I heard we have new project today. God gotta love drama!”
“WOA, Matt did you just say we have another project today? Already? We just finished the last one. Why…why in the world would Mr. Ronetea give us another project so soon? That makes no sense, Weird huh?” Steve finished puzzled.
Before Matt could say something in return Nichelle said “How weird what?” Right after so Samantha came up from behind and stood next to Nichelle, said also “Yea? How weird what?”
Nichelle was around 5’6 maybe, 5’7. Had blondish hair, and sparkly green eyes, she was well known for liking to write books about Zelda and her favorite animes. Samantha, was around 5’5 or 5’6 had blonde hair with the side bangs down, she had blue eyes, that change to teal and green like, matt’s, and was known for her express change of clothes, she wasn’t a prep or a tomboy, she just like changing clothes a lot for some odd reason.
Matt with his own malicious thoughts said casually blank “Die? Why no. just some dude who blew up a horrible death in a burning building scream his last words which were “please tell them I said I love them”, doesn’t sound like much to me” At this the girls clasped their hands to mouth and gasped and said in unison “oh…my, god, I hope he finds peace” Matt kind of chuckling said unwisely “oh yes, indeed it was horrible, we saw it ALL happen, right here in this town. The guy was at the top of the building, I was going to go in and all, but well, they wouldn’t allow me to, so I had no choice but to watch him burn to his death and then finally watch him blow up to smithereens.” Matt finished with brandish look on his face. Samantha not standing for Matt’s easy going reaction to all this said angrily “MATT! How can you just sit there and chuckle your little head off? Have you no heart?” matt still with his smile said “I guess not, then again, even if I had no heart, I have brains, unlike you girls.” Nichele was the one who spoke this time and said “Steve honey, what’s he talking about?” Steve kind of chuckling himself said “I don’t know honey, ask him.” Nichelle sighed and before she could even start her sentence, matt says with gratification “no one died, other wise, you would have heard about it, especially if some one blew up or was burned alive or what ever the case is. Also even there had been, do you really think that I myself would personally make fun of the dead. Ridicule them for their incisiveness? Gander and gawk at their stupidity at their own deaths? Well? Huh? What’s that, can’t hear you?” Matt smiled with so much pride of being such an ass. Upon hearing this the girls exchanged looks of surprise and question. It was nichelle who first spoke up “Steve….Steve, what IS he talking about?” Steve smirked and said some what air like “I have nooo idea babe. Why don’t you ask him?” nichelle, said back in anger like tone “fine I will!” nichelle turned around and looked at matt and before she said anything, matt said “Steve and I were talking about why Mr. ronetea, is giving us another project so soon.” He finished with a satisfied smile. Samantha burst out in anger “then why in the hell give us that crap about the dead guy? You freaking…” matt didn’t really care to hear the rest and apparently neither did Steve, for he quickly interjected with his own words “ahem, there’s no need for that language. Besides you know how matt is, always joking about like an idiot of sorts, he’s always got to have his fun the dumbest way possible. Your going to have to except sooner or later, that matt, just has that certain gene in him” noticing James and veronica, Steve yelled over to him “hey guys over here, we’re on our way to class right now too. Hurry up and get over here.”
James who had messy hair glasses, and was around the same height as matt, was well known for his geekness. Veronica who is only 5’2 had brunette hair, and brown eyes, hadn’t really known the group for that long, she had only been dating James for around a week, but had a crush since middle school. James, who has been dating veronica for a week, was holding her hand, they just started kissing only about a day now, and already the groups was sickened. Because the campus found it weird for some one to date and not kiss, James and veronica were into the whole “ok, let’s kiss for 5 minutes and then stop.” Thing, and matt, just felt like punching them every time. But it was how the 6 were, they’ve been together ever since birth practically, well with the exception of veronica who had only been apart of the group since middle school. People just refer to them as the “bunch of drama misfits” now they loved what they did though, so it didn’t matter to them.
After walking quickly into the classroom and took their respective seats to await role call, 7 minutes passed by and then, to their surprise and dismay, a substitute teacher walked in. the substitute looked like a rat. He was slim and short, black hair and crooked glasses, and awful looking, buck tooth sticking out. The class estimated him at around, age 26. Not to mention the evil grin he just happens to had. Matt exchanged looks with Steve and James and with apparently with eye contact he said “ah man, come on let me do it, let me do it, let me do it!!” Steve some how replying with the same method of contact said “alright, man, make him crap his pants for all I care.” The girls who were looking at them waved their hands at them as to not get involved, to say, “Yes we know, what you want, don’t blame us though.” Matt smiled and grinned wide and big and then quickly wiped it off his face, he kicked his chair aside and briskly stood up…
The class, quickly killed the murmur of whispers and watched, they already knew what was gona happen, in excitement they watched as matt had begun his fake act of schizophrenia, in eagerness to see how this will turn out.

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About the first chapter of jimmy kudo's book:
Hey y'all on MyO.

Uber close sister here. Sorry that jimmy hasn't posted the first chapter of his book yet. He sincerely apologizes and wants y'all to know he's working on it non-stop. It will be up in a couple more days (give or take one).

jimmy's sister

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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

   ok dokey...book time.
ok guys...my next post will be abook ive been writing solely by myself.....hope its good for now..but its not done..i plan on editing it from time to time..i just wana know what you guys think and if you have any ideas or suggestions and what not....ok?...ok
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Monday, May 14, 2007

hey guys
as a past imte..ive been writing a book...i a reallt good one..bu the thing is..i need some honest people to tell me how it is so i can like see if i could get it published ot somrhting...so how wold you guys like me to post the dumb thing?...its a fanatasy novel and its imcomplete for now...
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