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Monday, December 18, 2006

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hm..well these past couple of days have been a bit interesting.I'll speak in a past tense since for most of you guys, this is monday right? its still sunday night for me. k, so saturday. I officially suck at bowling. :[ got my worse score ever since they finally decided to out the foul lines back on and I just kept barely passing the damn sensor =.= and plus lots of pressure on me since my coach was giving away candy if you made a strike when he comes to you. and that resulted in me getting a 74. TT.TT

sunday. actually was able to get up on time O_O gasp. what a surprise. then met up with my mom and bought some food. On the way back to my mom's work, some old asian lady rearends me! O_O ON A RED LIGHT! wtf! i already knew she had made a complete full stop behind me since i saw her in my mirror. the light is still red. then all of a sudden, bam. she rear ends me out of the blue. i still can't get over the fact that she went from a full stop to rear ending me at. a. red. light.. i was so pissed, i was speachless. it made it even worse when i found out she couldn't even speak english =.= i mean if she spoke cantonese i would've been fine but no, she just had to be mandarin, the language i can't understand. =.= it made me even more pissed when she started laughing at her mistakes. so now, theres a whole THROUGH my rear bumper =.= she hit me so hard that the bolts holding her license plate up went through my bumper and made a whole COMPLETELY through my bumper. its been exactly one week since i've had my car too TT.TT stupid lady.

then after we went to my mom's work ALL day. went home, had a super late dinner and yeah. here i am after a really good shower, but i still have a headache. i need to overdose on advil. lol. jk. but seriously, i think i'm getting immune to advil. =.=

as for the contest going on here, I'm pretty much almost completely done with it, but once i scanned it through, it looked terrible, so It'll be super modified by photoshop. lol. =.= but after seeing some of the entries already, i feel a HUGE amount of pressure o_o i dont think i can do it. =.=

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