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Sunday, November 5, 2006

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Name: Sara
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Well, it seems yesterday I wasn't able to go go-carting. My cousin decided not to go at the last minute. I didn't even find out until I asked when we were gonna go. stupid butthole. So I spent the whole day at home doing nothing. My aunt screwed up my plans when she promised her daughter that I would go help her with her painting right when I was about to start on my homework. so my little cousin forced me to stay with her hours on end. I mean she's a sweet girl, but very spoiled, which kind of annoyed me some more.

So I finally started on some of my homework but then my dad told me to start packing my room. =.= so that took me all night just to do my closet. And then today we have to do some more packing, packing, and packing after I come back from art class. T.T I wish i was back in middle school. You guys have it so easy. :[ this sucks. I wanna be a kid again.

oh yeah. Also finished that drawing. It turned pretty well. CLICKER. enjoy. :]

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