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Friday, October 13, 2006

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Name: Sara
Birthdate: February 5, 1990
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yahoo. well, this week's been busy. I actually finished my coke contest entry. I had a really hard time with it since I usually don't do backgrounds for my drawings [i get lazy]. It is actually my first time attempting to make cliffs. ^^' I think it didn't turn out all that bad, especially since it's my first. *shrug* anyways, click HERE for the entry. we're now studying surrealism, we have to make a piece. I was planning on drawing a guy chopping a tree, but the tree is shaped as a woman crying. hm..i hope it turns out well.

so school's been as boring as ever. for english we're studying the salem witch trials. very interesting. and um...that's the only thing interesting about school lately. haha. anyways i'm gonna start to practice driving again to get my license. i haven't practiced in like FOREVER. but i think i'm better now. my mom brought out just a couple of times, she got fustrated with me cuz i don't go as fast when making right turns. *sigh* but hey, i was better than my sister when she first started driving. XD

and to end your torture, I am done for today. yeah i know, kind of short for almost a whole week not posting. lol. ja.

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