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Tuesday, October 3, 2006

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Name: Sara
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i got so sad/angry that ep 26 was the last episode. The show was definitely one of my all-time favorites shows i've watched yet. But I still can't believe that's the end of it. :[ Anyways. On with the update.

Saturday went bowling. I actually won a bracket . We compete for all three games. I actually made it through past the final. I was actually amazed cuz i never win a bracket. I've always only gone up to second place. haha. woot. anwyays. after that we were gonna go go-carting but then we found out we never a waver contract thingy with Driver Id from parents. so we couldn't go. so instead me and my cousin went to the mall with her older brother and uncle. we first just walked around with them looking for shoes but then we got bord pretty fast. After a while, we decided to go watch a movie. we ended up watching school for scoundrels. it was a pretty good movie. then we went out to eat. :)

sunday went to art class then my family picked me up and then we went to san pedro beach. I didn't even know we were going to the beach until i entered the car so i totally had the wrong shoes. when we got there i had to walk barefoot on the HARD SHARP SLIPPERY rocks. we were all walking across to this land mass thingy across the water. The rocks were uber slippery and i actually fell onto some really sharp rocks. i got a pretty bad cut from the rocks on my ankle. it still hurts...ALOT. i even have this nasty bruise thingy right under my toe. :[ it hurts when i walk.

hm. and today. not very interesting as always. I actually did my homework early though. amazing. i have major senioritis. :[ i'm like screwed. it's only been like a month of school too. lol. it feels like 3 months already. *sigh*

I think i might start on my new layout next week. this week might be too hectic for me to start on the layout because of the coke contest entry due. my teacher wants me to be done with it by thursday. And yes. it's Coke as in Coca Cola.

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