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Friday, May 12, 2006

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10:20pm thursday

hello kids. ^_^ Didn't update yesterday cuz i got lazy...I'm sure you've had one of those days before right? lol. and plus, i had some things to do. anyways. yesterday we rollerbladed to my old elementary school. I'm never gonna go back again. I got a frikin bug bite on my middle finger...i mean how weird is that?! =.= it itches SO much!! >.<

anyways. today we finised this movie for bio. anyone ever seen gattaca? it's really good. Ethan Hawkes is in it. He was hot in the movie ;d when there was a sex scene my teacher frikin blocked the tv with the huge ass bio book. lol. he was all making up an excuse..."Hey guys, you should really read chapter 21. Virus and Bacteria!! yeah, you see this, *stands right in front of the tv* WOW! it's so interesting!"....lol. it's alot funnier if you were there. ^^'

watched naruto...i thought the fillers were supposed to end last week? what happened?! =.= I am dissapointed. *sigh* what a bummer...maybe next week. *sighs some more*

and btw. the pic from the other day, his name is tomohisa yamashita. yamapi his nickname. XD yamapi = ♥♥

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