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Friday, April 28, 2006

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Name: Sara
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heh. thanks for those who commented yesterday. i really appreciated it how most of you were trying to make me feel better about that bastard of a dad of mine. but I'm not gonna let it get to me anymore. last night i cried myself to sleep but I'm all good now. :) and extra thanks to animegirl501. that pic really made my day ^_^ it really did.

well anyways. I've started to have this fear of going to the bathroom near my living room now. *nods* not really fear but just paranoid. remember how i was talking about this one guy from china living with us for 3 mmonths, and supposedly he's my second uncle or something? well, i was about to enter that restroom near my living room so i opened the door and BAM. there he is sitting there taking a shit in the dark without the door closed. O_O i swear i nearly died from the trauma....*shudders* so digusting. at least close the door. sheesh! and that's why its a little...erm...yeah. it smelled real bad around the living room after.

today at school had to walk in the rain. oh joy. lol. but it was funny cuz we passed this lady with two SUPER cute dogs and my friend ran away sreaming for her life. roflcopter. XDD it was so funny..*sigh*

OH!! i also got a SIM card for my cell phone!! my friend (the one that ran away) let me borrow her old one but it doesn't even let me make phonecalls. lol. damn. now i need to try to get another phone. =_= too lazy.

I also finally got all the classes i want for next year!! YAY! I was surprised my mom was surprised when she saw i was taking japanese next year. lol. she was the one encouraging me to take it too. haha. she's funny. XD

oh and also colored one of my old drawings (i actually remembered. lol). remember that one old sasuke and sakura pic i drew? well yeah. i colored that one. ^_^

yeah. long post. ^_^

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