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Monday, February 27, 2006

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Name: Sara
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dance inside

hey guys sorry for not visiting yesterday. i was planning on being home but it seems life was against me again and didn't allow me to be home to be able to visit. but ill definitely try to visiit today. X]anyways. went to art class and started with a new acrylic painting. i dont like acrylics very much but my art teacher wants me to try. *shrug* my first one wasn't all that great but that was expected right? X] but yeah. this time i got to pick my pic. it was a huge flower. *shrug* not very exciting. haha. then we went straight to my moms work and help her out with her office work for like four hours. i was having a huge fight with her copy machine....it wouldn't cooperate...*smacks copy machine* stupid piece of crap. haha. then we went to visiit my grandma for awhile since she was on the way. my uncle came back from florida. he works for some cell phone type business. he got my cousins cell phones and not me. :( but he said next time he comes back from florida he'll get me a hot phone. ^_~ hell yes. i told him black, camera, and mp3's. hehe. my sister stole my uncles phone. haha. but he stole her's back so i guess it was a tradeoff. haha. lucky buttholes.

then we went straight home for like ten minutes and then we left to my cousins bday. hes so cute. haha. i think he was turning 3. can't keep track of all the little kids anymore. haha. yeah. i just came home and took a shower. >_<

i also found out that one of my cousins is pregnant. she's only one year older than me. She's turning 17 in march. i was really surprised. i mean a baby so young. i serisously never thought something like this would happen in my family. i wonder how she feels about all this...i used ot be so close to her too...i'm still really surprised...so today when i saw her i seriously didn't know how to act around her. it was really awkward since i only found out about her pregnancy a couple of hours prior from seeing her..

well another pic to entertain yourself with. haha. XD

Soubi is the second hottest character i've ever seen...hes like the god of smexiness. *glomp*

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