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Sunday, February 26, 2006

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Name: Sara
Birthdate: February 5, 1990
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hey guys. X] well saturday was eventful indeed. First on the way to bowling my mom stopped by the bank and said it would be REAL quick. we were there for almost half an hour.so we barely made it in time for bowling practice. during bowling i did pretty good in the first two games but the third game i totally bombed it. i was tired and they all knew it. they didnt say anything because we wouold'nt have won the first two games without me. my old coach said that it was because i was their anchor or something..whatever that meant. lol.

then alittle after that, we went to the mall. stopped by hot topic first!! got two new shirts [with my own money once again..im gonna be broke soon T.T] senses fail has a couple of new shirts and jackets but i couldnt afford the jacket. i got another senses fail shirt and a taking back sunday shirt. and two keychains [kakashi and roy >_< bishies rock!!] i wanted to get a roy patch but decided not to...[it was already totally up to 50 buckos]. Then went to borders and read my brains out. some manga i'd recommend : hana kimi, godchild, kamui, merupuri, happy hustle high, and absolute boyfriend. those are the really good ones i read. the others were kind of sucky.

then after around two hours of reading, we went upstairs to amc and watched PINK PANTHER. i DEFINITELY would recommend you watch it. i dont think i've ever laughed that hard with any other movie [maybe except scary movie 3]. The commercials don't make it really interesting but its hilarious. WATCH IT. if you don't you will seriously regret it later in life. i will come haunt you in your sleep!!!! [im JK]

then after the movie i read for like another two hours. heh. ^^'

Ok if i don't have your button yet, please PM me/comment with a link to your button[s]. If you dont have one, i would gladly make you one with the image of your choice. :] [the buttons i have so far are at the bottom of the post]

does anyone know how to work flash mx 2004?

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