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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

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Name: Sara
Birthdate: February 5, 1990
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hot as fire.

well later update as usual...it seems earlier today myo had some problems but i think its fixed now. :] yesterday i almost got hit...again..i was obviously walking across the street when this jackass jsut comes at me full speed. lucky him he stopped about 5 inches from me or else i would screamed the f*ckin sh!t out of him. bastard....he was in this big ass truck too...jeez..

well anyways. today was an ok day. woke up late again. blah blah blah. had my bio test today. i think i did better than last time but im pretty sure its no higher than a B-. His tests are hard. =_= er. practiced with my tablet a little during animation class. PIC.

i've started a new opsession....im totally in love with this character from yami no matsuei. O_O hes so hot...hes really twisted...seriously....

he's one sexy beast. rawr!! did i mention hes a serial killer? he kills for fun. XDDD

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