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Thursday, February 2, 2006


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Name: Sara
Birthdate: February 5, 1990
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we wish you a merry christm-what?

well yes. sorry for late update. got distracted by anime yesterday and forgot to post. ^^' anyways. i havent submittted any of my new drawings recently so yeah. ill have some up later..maybe..if i dont get too lazy. haha. on with the day. k today we had a realyl cool sub. its weird cuz he thinks almost the exact same way i do about high school relationships. they wont last no matter how you look at it unless its definitely meant to be which most likely isnt since usually you find your own true self when your out in college meeting new people. but thats only how i think about it. but my sub seemed really wise in the relationship department there. probably one of the best sub ive had so far. X]

k...hm..not much to say right now so yeah...oh yeah. next friday im going to this show at our school. battle of the bands!! my friend is in one of the bands competing. cant wait. >< now all i need is a ride. haha. eh..ok. i think im done here. ja..


k so i really did run out of pics to have up so ill just show you some random pics in my computer. *shrug* ill find better ones soon...i hope...'_'

tezuka and fuji from prince of tennis. X]

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